An Open Heart

We dream of hope, we dream of change, of fire, of love, of death, and then it happens, the dream becomes real. And the answer to the quest, this need to solve life’s mysteries finally shows itself, like the glowing light of the new dawn. So much struggle, for meaning, for purpose, but in the end we find it only in each other. Our shared experiences of the fantastic, and the mundane. The simple, human need to find the kindred, to connect, and to know in our hearts that we are not alone. Continue reading “An Open Heart”


Remember… All you ever need is inside you; Just don’t be afraid to look… 108 Sun Salutations. Most of the folks I’ve told and invited to join me think it’s crazy. That I’m crazy. I have read a lot about this and have been meaning to participate for ages. Friday, March 20th, Spring Solstice, has been that very day to be a part of it. Folks who are there come from all sorts of background and ages. It is open to anyone, even to those who ’think’ they can not do the full salutation. Be it bent knees or straight, … Continue reading Looping

Holier Than Thou

Let not only one day serve as Remembrance Day. War is easier than being with you. In war, you act or you die. No time to think; no time to second guess yourself.            Maybe that’s your problem.            With me, you’re thinking; not feeling. Each day we tend to engage ourselves in some sort of war – be it an argument, a conflict, a fight, a struggle with others or within ourselves. We lure ourselves into confrontations with either anger or hatred, either defence or ignorance. And we wonder why we get stressed out, feel depressed, and so on. … Continue reading Holier Than Thou

Santosa | Haiku

Smile where you are now Wind in its uncertainty May blow peace within. Only when we can be content in the midst of difficulty can we be truly free. Only when we can remain open in the midst of pain do we understand what true openness is. In our relationships, when we accept those around us as they truly are, not as we want them to be, we are practicing santosa. ~ Judith Lasater Continue reading Santosa | Haiku


Paraiso is the Spanish translation for Paradise. We all wish to be in such a place, having our dreams and aspirations met. We travel, trying hopefully to seek that abode, neither knowing if it is heaven we are seeking… or was it running away from creating one? Seven years ago, I made a slide presentation for the Christmas season, hoping that the rising community of fellow migrants would share the same Paradise I was seeking for. I duly presented my case to the committee, having friends as members. I wanted the presentation be shown in the upcoming Christmas Party. There … Continue reading Paraiso

L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

I began writing this with the title of Ahimsa, the Practice, as a sequel to my other post. After some readings, I changed it to Growing with Emotions. Then I chanced upon the movie, Love Happens on cable. Seen it before… but I may have been multi-tasking then. And because I’ve been feeling physically sh*tty (flu), the ability to multi-task was lost on me. And that’s a good thing!! They all seem to tie together as my thoughts swirl… watching the movie, reflecting on Ahimsa, sensing my emotions. And I just said I don’t multi-task. Bah! Practicing ahimsa is not … Continue reading L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

Defining Friendships

Odd Friendships. It seems strange that some people I consider quite close to me, are slowly becoming estranged. It is a weird coincidence to happen again. Is it my eccentricity that drives them away? Is it my unconventional ways that they step back? Or perhaps my whimsical nature that they are unable to keep up? The peculiarity of it all! Yet I remain as atypical as an indefinable fantastical me. T’is true to my deviant nature. Neither judgemental or imposing; but only uncanny. Take the curiosity or be sadly gone. And I take with me the randomness of friendship. Quote … Continue reading Defining Friendships

Where are YoU in your Practice?

This was my theme for today’s class. Ask yourself: Where am I in my practice? Six words that can give varied answers: I’m on my mat in the studio. I’m dealing with some issues right now. I’m doing my Dog. I haven’t done yoga in months. One hour and I can do my errands. I’m a beginner. Dang! I don’t have my balance and I keep falling. I wonder what she’ll have us do today. I can’t do it! When in truth, the only answer we need to have is… I am here. I am here, both mind and body. … Continue reading Where are YoU in your Practice?

Ahimsa, The Beginning

Quote There is a famous story about ahimsa told in the Vedas, the vast collection of ancient philosophical teachings from India. A certain sadhu, or wandering monk, would make a yearly circuit of villages in order to teach. One day as he entered a village he saw a large and menacing snake who was terrorizing the people. The sadhu spoke to the snake and taught him about ahimsa. The following year when the sadhu made his visit to the village, he again saw the snake. How changed he was. This once magnificent creature was skinny and bruised. The sadhu asked … Continue reading Ahimsa, The Beginning