Holier Than Thou

Let not only one day serve as Remembrance Day. War is easier than being with you. In war, you act or you die. No time to think; no time to second guess yourself.            Maybe that’s your problem.            With me, you’re thinking; not feeling. Each day we tend to engage ourselves in some sort of war – be it an argument, a conflict, a fight, a struggle with others or within ourselves. We lure ourselves into confrontations with either anger or hatred, either defence or ignorance. And we wonder why we get stressed out, feel depressed, and so on. … Continue reading Holier Than Thou

Come Back to Love

I have some friends I wrestle with. Monster friends. They like to creep… when you are in your most vulnerable state. It is a phase we often get webbed in. An entrapment. Whether lured or passing through, we get stuck on it. Let me introduce them to you… The thing is… in our most vulnerable state, this is NoT the end of it. This vulnerable state is actually the most insightful phase we ever go through. It happens for a reason. Why…? It is because this is where we fully exercise our own unique power of choosing. “It’s the choices … Continue reading Come Back to Love

Call Me Crazy

“When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found.”  THAT crazed girl improvising her music. Her poetry, dancing upon the shore, Her soul in division from itself Climbing, falling She knew not where, Hiding amid the cargo of a steamship, Her knee-cap broken, that girl I declare A beautiful lofty thing, or a thing Heroically lost, heroically found. No matter what disaster occurred She stood in desperate music wound, Wound, wound, and she made in her triumph Where the bales and the baskets lay No common intelligible sound But sang, ‘O sea-starved, … Continue reading Call Me Crazy

Kirtan | Day 4

The day began physically painful with my injury. Manageable, thankful for the massage and sauna I had the night before. And so I sit at 6:30 in the morning for our meditation, lasting for an hour, each day. No amount of blankets can ease the discomfort for sitting an hour. The itch to fidget is overwhelming, and I succumbed to that itch. Finding the right spot, lasting for some minutes. Discomfort… isn’t this part of my practice? A sutra I unconditionally allow myself and my class to engage then settle in. Yoga is finding the comfort in the discomfort – … Continue reading Kirtan | Day 4


“Looking at my life I see that only Love Has been my soul’s companion From deep inside My soul cries out: Do not wait, surrender For the sake of Love.” ~ Rumi There are moments that come as a surprise And somehow the sun has ceased to rise Dull and bleak, the world has become And life within turned into a humdrum. How does one learn to ever let go The once enraptured star receiving such a blow Staggering in murk where cold and fog exists The path unknown, a maze with all its twists. I held this star as … Continue reading Silence


The truth unknown eluding to play Despite the clamours and how they weigh The trials and tribulations seeing mere grey Misleading paths and trails and only to stray. The truth beckoned and called forth here Fogged misconstrued ideas always unclear Dragging to the pit the pain so severe Clutching the heart, the soul feeling fear. The truth descends magnified in light A thunderbolt from afar clearing the sight A shimmer perchance leaving the twilight Hope for the lost, the weak, and the trite. The truth it shines and is right before the eyes Torn wings will heal and shed with … Continue reading Truth


Succumb to the depths of deep slumber Restless sleep naught to any answer Amassing a shield, a shroud, shrinking to cower Reaching out a hand for that soft whisper. Prodded from repose, ignored, left unnoticed The assuage from pain too wearisome to resist Unceasing rousing, swearing yet not promised From afar an honest soul bearing only the truest. Endless paring – recoiling, wincing, flinching to bleed This heart succours calmly encouraging the need Uttering soft goodbyes allow the old be buried Shackles released, unfettered core now freed. Revived from the tomb disrobed from within Discarding the mantle that once cloaked … Continue reading Awakening

Moonlight Breeze

When wounds run wide and deep I would rather not feel but sleep Until the day turn into night Unseen beauty of the moonlight. When wounds carry pain and misery I would rather not think but parry Until the season change from warmth to cold Unheard breeze locked in my threshold. The slashes and slices I kept hidden within Bleeds continuously damning my skin My eyes fail in what lies ahead and beyond Swimming in profuse blood in my very own pond. The struggles will remain when I refuse to see Forgiving myself is my greatest journey Looking back at … Continue reading Moonlight Breeze

Heart Trails

There are times when the pinches amount to bruising And all we can do is cry, letting the tears fall To only feel what is overwhelming in our hearts… Not because it is too painful or distressing But because it is so raw and so tender… Where the bruises show me what is real Of how intense and poignant these feelings can be Where the bruises leave marks to a place untouched Discovering more truths I ever dared to go… Yet leaving me unfazed in spite the tears in my eyes Because each tear drop is a piece of nurtured … Continue reading Heart Trails


Paraiso is the Spanish translation for Paradise. We all wish to be in such a place, having our dreams and aspirations met. We travel, trying hopefully to seek that abode, neither knowing if it is heaven we are seeking… or was it running away from creating one? Seven years ago, I made a slide presentation for the Christmas season, hoping that the rising community of fellow migrants would share the same Paradise I was seeking for. I duly presented my case to the committee, having friends as members. I wanted the presentation be shown in the upcoming Christmas Party. There … Continue reading Paraiso

L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

I began writing this with the title of Ahimsa, the Practice, as a sequel to my other post. After some readings, I changed it to Growing with Emotions. Then I chanced upon the movie, Love Happens on cable. Seen it before… but I may have been multi-tasking then. And because I’ve been feeling physically sh*tty (flu), the ability to multi-task was lost on me. And that’s a good thing!! They all seem to tie together as my thoughts swirl… watching the movie, reflecting on Ahimsa, sensing my emotions. And I just said I don’t multi-task. Bah! Practicing ahimsa is not … Continue reading L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

Defining Friendships

Odd Friendships. It seems strange that some people I consider quite close to me, are slowly becoming estranged. It is a weird coincidence to happen again. Is it my eccentricity that drives them away? Is it my unconventional ways that they step back? Or perhaps my whimsical nature that they are unable to keep up? The peculiarity of it all! Yet I remain as atypical as an indefinable fantastical me. T’is true to my deviant nature. Neither judgemental or imposing; but only uncanny. Take the curiosity or be sadly gone. And I take with me the randomness of friendship. Quote … Continue reading Defining Friendships


For years I’ve looked at the world through rose-colored lenses. It is an endearing trait. And while this sweet quality brings hope and positivity, left unchecked, creates a different world, a world diving into a plummeting illusion. Holding on to the rosiness of the world, the illusion is eventually defined as… … a dream. It is not. It is a will-o’-the-wisp. An ignis fatuus. That hovering luminous light, seemingly like a low fog, flitting in wisps above our own marshes, our own hurting past and scary future. When in reality, there are possibly rotting anger, resentment, and self-pity decaying the very … Continue reading Will-o’-the-Wisp