Home Soon

One of the most comforting thoughts of all is knowing that ‘all roads lead home’.
Even more comforting is understanding that you never left.

The merriment has long begun. Queues go in a maze of round-a-bouts, reaching for the last remaining toaster on the shelf, towering boxes of Christmas oranges, ribbons galore, firelogs crackling on the screens, music plays a jolly good cheer, lights shimmering, a thousand more seasonal shortbread, bells jingling on collars of those furry paws, panic-stricken wide-eyed faces meet you head on, the north wind making its presence known, white carpet sprawled immensely outside the lawns…

It has truly begun.

Sipping a hot cinnamon tea as I watch the falling flakes embracing the early dusk… things seem to be in motion for the holidays and I begin to wonder about the people who are not experiencing the queues, the last toaster or the towering boxes, the ribbons, the firelogs, the jolly music and lights, the shortbread, the bells…

They may have the wind, the snow, and definitely the faces of either panic or simply wide-eyed…

I wonder about the people who are out there, away from their loved ones, making a difference, to spark that significant change for the world… to make it a tad better, letting us sleep snuggly at nights… that we may wake up to a new dawn of morning hugs and kisses…

It is too far away and I can only bow my head in an unknown profoundness at their strength, their courage, their patience… their love.

survival_by_3wyl-d34r2h4He has a far greater chance of survival because he has someone to live for…

These words echo back to me, reassuring my heart.
I wish they can come home soon.

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