All you ever need is inside you;
Just don’t be afraid to look…

108 Sun Salutations. Most of the folks I’ve told and invited to join me think it’s crazy. That I’m crazy. I have read a lot about this and have been meaning to participate for ages. Friday, March 20th, Spring Solstice, has been that very day to be a part of it.

Folks who are there come from all sorts of background and ages. It is open to anyone, even to those who ’think’ they can not do the full salutation. Be it bent knees or straight, on your fingertips or flat palms, walk or jump, on your knees or full chaturanga, cobra or updog… it does not matter. What matters is one breath, one movement. So keep breathing and you keep moving. And as we went along, it becomes a moving meditation.

The salutations are divided into 9 sets of 12. Only at the end of each set do we pause at downdog for five breaths. Shivaun, our guide, explained in the beginning that it is a process where the repetition takes you into what I call, ‘the zone’. I waited for the zone. As we flowed along the first set, second set, third… nth… xth… where is this friggin zone?!

Then I heard Shivaun’s voice call out – And now for the last salutation; do it slow…

We are on our last??!

Ding-dong! I have been so busy waiting for the zone and just breathing and moving, not realizing that I have been there all along. On a side note: Is there something as busy waiting??


There is power in repetition. Believe in what is true inside and repeat it. Over and over again.  Thoughts become things. It begins with a vision, and we put forth our efforts, and then you feel the power of grace. I strongly believe in the strength and suppleness of salutations, its resistance and surrender intertwined in breath and movement… it’s friggin’ amazing.

108 Sun Salutations. How does one know it’s doable?

Only when you give it a go.
And end up with a blistered left toe 😉

Namaste. =)

2 thoughts on “Looping

  1. That sounds AMAZING! I’ve always wanted to participate in a 108 sun salutation experience. First off, I LOVE surya namaskar — it’s my favorite part of the practice. Something about it feels so natural to my body. But I love how you describe it as the power of grace –> it’s this!
    And I do think busy waiting is a thing….I get it a lot…


  2. It really feels as the most natural thing… so totally love surya. Had our guide not called out the last, I’d probably continue… maybe about 54 more. I don’t know about another 108 – haha!

    Power of grace… isn’t it an irony of words? Much like Patanjaii’s sutra: Sthira sukham asanam – my favourite. Finding comfort in discomfort, ease in strength, pleasure in effort… that’s the power of grace. The balancing of polarities.
    Much like busy waiting – hahaha! xo


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