Where are YoU in your Practice?

my yogaThis was my theme for today’s class. Ask yourself: Where am I in my practice?

Six words that can give varied answers:
I’m on my mat in the studio.
I’m dealing with some issues right now.
I’m doing my Dog.
I haven’t done yoga in months.
One hour and I can do my errands.
I’m a beginner.
Dang! I don’t have my balance and I keep falling.
I wonder what she’ll have us do today.
I can’t do it!

When in truth, the only answer we need to have is…
I am here.
I am here, both mind and body.
In harmony.
In the now.
And in peace.
Or something close to that expression.

I think of things we do often as a practice. Whatever it may be. Yoga, running, dance, driving to the stores, biking to work, walking the dog, cooking, showering, even sleeping. Yes, they’re all practices. Most of us come into a practice not knowing how we got there. Either out of rote or too many thoughts racing, we manifest a rather poor expression of life, of our own life, of how to live life, of how TO BE.

It doesn’t really matter what level you are at when your body and mind are not in sync. Only be in the moment given to you and experience it for what it is. Listening to the subtle cues each body part is whispering, and simply shushing that nagging fear, apprehension, doubt, where they only exist in the mind. When we allow these negativity rule over what we feel, what we sense, then you are not in your practice. You are not HeRe because your mind controls your every move. And even your breathing. Let it go. Let it be. The practice is the effort you put forth without the mind instigating a panic within. The practice is NOT whether you were able to do an L-shaped wall handstand, or springing one leg at a time handstand, or eventually do a handstand. The practice is when your heart is courageous enough to quiet the mind. The practice is when you are able to come into a pose, non-judgemental, and only feeling the sensations the pose is giving you. Accept the sensations. And you’ll be amazed how far the poses can go, how far YoU can go, how it makes you feel, tasting the edge. Even allowing yourself to get a feel of it, of how to get into the pose is amazing already. And that only happens when you trust your heart more and be at peace with yourself. Connecting the mind and body to one goal… to be here.

sharon gannon on yogaWhere are you in your practice?

Something to reflect on.
Namaste. =)

2 thoughts on “Where are YoU in your Practice?

  1. It’s our practice…it’s nice to have an instructor who encourages you to the “edge”; however, we all know our own bodies. I started practicing yoga at 52, I’m proud of the progress I have made. If I do not feel comfortable attempting a headstand today or any other poses an instructor suggests, I should not be made to feel guilty for not trying. At 53 I know my body!
    It doesn’t mean I may not try in the future. I love yoga and the benefits that it brings to me. Yoga helps me physically, but it does so much more mentally for me. If I don’t try a certain pose today, I’m ok with that. I hope my instructor doesn’t think any less of me. If she does, that’s fine because I am happy where I’m at in MY practice.


    1. Bonnie!! She certainly does not think any less of you!! Why ever think that?!

      You’ve come a long way, I know. The poses, though seems so physical, is a vehicle to ride on to help relax the mind. They are all challenging depending on our capacity and physiological structure. Even a Child’s Pose can be difficult for a lot of yogis. My knees scream even in Table Top! And so I modify my mat (x2). And the key to it really is coming in terms with your thoughts that they do not take over the wheel on your ride in doing the pose. One reason there are several yoga poses is that it triggers those uncertainties we have inside, and it is up to our true nature to overcome them using the poses. The poses release them, one great thing about yoga. The next question is… how do you deal with them?

      Nothing worthwhile comes overnight. And you did try and took the effort to come to it, to where you are meant to be now.
      Age is mere statistics! That image on my post, Sharon Gannon, google her and you’ll be inspired.

      And hoping you don’t mind, I’ll ride along with ya! =)
      See you soon. xo


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