Feed the Soul

I haven’t stopped moving for probably over a month now. Maybe two. This struck me as a realization when conversing with a friend, who hasn’t stopped moving either. Body tired beyond exhaustion, and I know it, and yet… I keep going. Perhaps it’s the given weather we are having when you want to simply do a lot outdoors. Seven to eight months in a year where it can be freezing… I am a child of sunshine, the one wrapped with her warm rays. It is a need to keep going.

Often I plan my activities at the start of the day. On most days, I simply pack my backpack, maybe hitch my bike on its rack and vroom vroom I go.

Niakwa to Bishop Grandin Trail

IMG_5611 IMG_5612 IMG_5613 IMG_5614 IMG_5615





The beauty of unplanned days are the sweet surprises meeting you. Discovering all these bike trails in Winnipeg is like caressing my soul. They’ve been there forever but I always fear of getting lost in the city driving to these bike trails. And guess what? I friggin got lost many times!

Welllington Crescent to Assiniboine Park
Wellington Crescent is closed to motor vehicles on Sundays from 8am-8pm. And it is such a sweet longish ride. But the sweetest?? Is discovering that the road leads to Assiniboine Park/Zoo. The road and the park follows the Assiniboine River. So… ride along the river. The park itself is about 4.5 km². Just keep pedalling… just keep pedalling… 🙂

IMG_5651 IMG_5650 IMG_5640 IMG_5641 IMG_5642 IMG_5643 IMG_5644 IMG_5645 IMG_5646 IMG_5647 IMG_5648 IMG_5649 IMG_5654















In between bike riding…

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival ran from July 15-26 where it hosts numerous companies to perform anything, and I mean, anything fringy and crazy at indoor theatres and an outdoor stage. My favourite, of course is outdoors, at the Old Market Square.

IMG_5618 IMG_5617 IMG_5619 IMG_5620 IMG_5616












And in between bike riding and the Fringe Fest is my practice.

In between two or three classes is my precious inertia 😉

IMG_5609This is that moment when a few minutes in peace, tired yet my heart is smiling… my soul is a tad nourished.
Namaste. =)

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