15 thoughts on “Keep Your Peace

    1. Nope… nothing wrong with that at all. I think it’s what the world needs. Not hurting wild, but wild enough to free ourselves. And not get all too stuck up with the norms or what other people ‘would’ say.

      How’s the ride??


      1. What others would say and think … Stuff like that drives me nuts at times. as each day passes I’m starting to think most of the creativity we used to create is slowly drying up, relying more and more on outside sources to make us truly happy inside. 🙂

        Thank you for asking about the ride yesterday, that I conveniently skipped out on. The “big” ride is this Saturday, I’m pretty excited about it to say the least. There were up to 5000 riders who rode yesterday and it took all I had to say no to the event. When you get that many folks on bikes who normally do not ride – Its a recipe for disaster!
        Be inspired this morning and please take care. 🙂


        1. I really don’t want to dry up. I did… sometime back… wilted my growing vines. =/ I felt like a zombie, like some sort of body aimlessly walking around. Things were done out of rote and much later on, you feel something amiss. And you realize you have been missing yourself. To find a focal point where you can divert your energy and passion… I’m very, very grateful I explored yoga even with much blah-blah-blahs from other people… at least now, I found my centre.

          So… there are two rides?? Last Saturday and this Saturday? I’m sorry I got the dates confused. It’s a natural thing for me to jump from one thought to the next. Guess that was good to lay low last weekend. 5000 riders… kinda like Yoga @ Times Square! I’d have gone to that though… yoga… not the bike ride. Least I can only get whacked by Virabhadrasna arms and not whacked by bikes! 😉


          1. My introduction to yoga, meditation, surrendering to myself happened about four years ago now. Two of those years were spent fiddling about, finding what worked and what didn’t for me personal. You know how much of a journey this can be. 🙂

            I’m that guy in yoga class you has to adjust where I stand on my mat as to not “smack” the folks next to me … You would totally dig the ride this coming Saturday! A chill group of people, having fun riding bikes. Not much unlike a group of yogis meeting up in a park early one weekend morning. 😉


            1. Oh I fiddled and twiddled with my thumbs. Constantly trying out varied stuff to ignite the spark within. Though at first, I wasn’t certain why I kept searching, not even knowing what I was searching for. I ran. I pedalled. I studied. I swam. I danced. And only to realize after so many damn years, I was only searching for myself.

              Yoga made me realize that. The search is ongoing but I found the path. As we all need to do, we cultivate our own path.

              I bet you have a devious intention of having your instructor adjust you in class! 😉

              How have you been, Cult? Haven’t seen any cultic-posts around… … …


              1. Seeing us dudes are a ted dense and it took a little bit for things to settle in the old brain and heart … I spent the better part of my life abusing my body and spirit. I’m not sure if we ever spoke about when I broke apart and the people who helped put me back together? We can email more about this 🙂
                Being asked one simple question by three separate souls changed my life: “Why?”
                Family, Friends, Yoga and Cycling are what holds me together these days and believe it or not!?! You can partake in all of these while on a bike – dare I say bike yoga …
                The power yoga studio I attend is brilliant, the energy, flow, balance is second only to yours! The only real adjustment I need is when I enter the studio, focus my mind and set my intention(s), to heal and nurture my body – without knocking anyone over when I tumble over!
                My mind has been all over the place of late. Work, this ride coming up on Saturday has left me little time to open my heart and write. I have a bunch of drafts that need to be polished up before I set them free … How would you feel about doing a guest post? 🙂 Let me know …


                1. Second only to yours… hahaha! I love teaching Power Flow classes. This is when my creativity really takes over. I can prepare a sequence days before and still end up with something different on the class itself. Guess that’s what is being in the NoW is… that no matter how much preparation you valiantly put into something, we need to be ready for adaptability as well. Whether we trigger excitement or calmness, we flow with that vibration. Usually though my vibration warrants towards excitement and eagerness. 😉

                  You have mentioned your past injury and the healing process. Believe it was in an email. You’re getting Alzheimer’s, much like I am! 😉
                  Not into intricate details but detailed enough for me to understand what you went through, your reactions toward the incident, and your healing period.
                  But feel free to talk more about it!! Expressing those inner demons is a release. I’ll wrap myself in bubble wrap to repel them. =)

                  And what the heck is a guest post??! You got me curious!!


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