Savasana | The Corpse Pose

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and
Just forget the world? 

~ Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

listen = silentFor many people, coming into stillness is unheard of. The everyday dynamics have become a routine, a habit. Worse, life itself. We are used to the noise, the disorder, the pandemonium that when we pause, hush, and be motionless, it creates more of a panic within. How ironic is that? When we look into a river, calm and serene, we see the waters clearly, fish and plankton and whatever they have down there. You listen to the sounds of nature, river gurgling its way downstream, birds chirping, leaves rustling with the wind… but when it’s a raging river, there’s nothing to see and hear except the rage itself. However striking it may be. So when you are in your ‘normal’ bedlam, striking to the world as it may be, how can you see and listen then to yourself?

Savasana, the Corpse Pose is one of the many poses that reflect our lives. We can flow from one pose to the next, even adding a Vinyasa here and there, holding an inversion for sooo many breaths. Yet when it comes to laying on the mat for the final pose, not only do we fidget, but our mind is like a whirlwind amassing anything it touches into a big ball… of mayhem.

Savasana-YogaWhen you come into Savasana, BE in Savasana. Merely laying down after an exploding practice is very refreshing; but bear in mind that your Savasana is the moment when your body reviews what you have just accomplished. Focusing on your breath allows that energy scan your muscles relaxing them and at the same time, memorizing each detail of your efforts. Muscle memory. Give your Prana that moment to absorb your accomplishments that you can bring onto your next practice… and more importantly, that you can bring off the mat. Having a Prana without a purpose defeats any form of practice – be it yoga or any form of activity. Reflect on the river. When your Prana senses only the raging thoughts clouding your mind, how else can your breath see and listen what your body is and what it can be?

Sadie in Savasana
click to enlarge

Note the cues I have included in the above image with some added seasonings. This brings your whole body stabilized, grounded, and neutral. A very good pose to have while you are in your deep. restful state… coming back to your own HoMe, your foundation… that even in Savasana, you are still in Tadasana.
Namaste! =)
Zzzzzzzz… …

Listen = Silent <found in google>
Sadie in Savasana

YYoga for my teacher training cues
Sylphic Asanas

4 thoughts on “Savasana | The Corpse Pose

    1. Y’know, before yoga came into my life, I know the word surrender as something else… something weak.

      Then I began to understand the word.

      Now I only need to accept it fully. =)


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