Holier Than Thou

Let not only one day serve as Remembrance Day.


War is easier than being with you.
In war, you act or you die. No time to think; no time to second guess yourself.
           Maybe that’s your problem.
           With me, you’re thinking; not feeling.

Each day we tend to engage ourselves in some sort of war – be it an argument, a conflict, a fight, a struggle with others or within ourselves. We lure ourselves into confrontations with either anger or hatred, either defence or ignorance. And we wonder why we get stressed out, feel depressed, and so on.

I grew up in a third world country where dictatorship is a reality. Corruption, briberies, extortion, unjustified arrests, torture, election anomalies, bomb threats, bomb explosions, coup d’état, and downright war. I was a child when Martial Law was declared and felt the wavering calmness siege my family. I sleep in my bed where stacks of artillery are hidden underneath. I wake up in the middle of the night, my uncle, a military, finding refuge at our home during his leave or passes or whatever, dirty and fuzzy all over his face, with the most tired eyes I have ever gazed upon. Eventually, the same uncle took AWOL during my uni years when he can no longer tolerate the regime at that time. A few months after he left, I found myself in the middle of the highway for three days, swamped with multitude of people, brazing ourselves in front of guns, tanks, and hovering helicopters seeking for the dictator to step down.

And all we had with us at that time??

Bread, pastries, rice cakes, boiled eggs, fruits, water that we were offering the soldiers in front of us.

As much as we know that bringing the government down then is a step towards liberation; we also felt the unbreakable truth that these soldiers standing in our way is like you and me. We were on a revolt, rebels with a cause… but we stood against them with our hearts – not with aggression, not with mincing words, not even throwing eggs at them. But the truth of who we are.

The one radio station that brought communication to all of us was called Radio Veritas. In Roman, meaning truth. Not only to relay what is truly happening. But through that struggle, it was a reminder for all of us to remain true to ourselves.

No one is holier than thou.

To all the steadfast soldiers who have faced war, who are still out there… may you all come home to your true selves.
I so honour and bow to your light. =)

2 thoughts on “Holier Than Thou

    1. It has been a humbling experience. I’m not a total political freak but I didn’t understand how my family, the older folks, who endured more in their lifetime than I did simply sat with fear. They wouldn’t even let me voice what I think. I get shushed by my grandma when I start questioning. And so that first day of revolution, I packed and just left and headed down where history was unfolding. It wasn’t because I was angry with my family or other people who stayed where they were; but I wanted to understand. I wanted NoT to feel fear and be with like-minded folks who only sought to help bring peace.
      Thank you, Sheri. xo


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