One Lineage

When we embrace what lies within, our potential knows no limit. The future is filled with promise. The present, rife with expectation. But when we deny our instinct, and struggle against our deepest urges… uncertainty begins. Where does this path lead? When will the changes end? Is this transformation a gift… or a curse? And for those that fear what lies ahead… The most important question of all… Can we really change what we are? Continue reading “One Lineage”


                    Of the many poses in Ashtanga, there are poses that we fall dearly for. Not because it is easy… I really doubt anyone would say Ashtanga is easy… but because these poses bring out something almost sacred within us. My Mysore practice never leaves these poses behind. Always waiting for me towards the end, always waiting for me to be more softer yet resolute. The culmination of my practice is this stage. I ask myself two questions on each practice. As I set my intention in the beginning, palms at … Continue reading Bloom

Love In The Ocean:

I made love to the ocean today… Wrapped my legs around her waves Dug my fingers into her sandy back I made love to the ocean… Dove head first into bubbles foaming at her mouth My hair was pulled out of its braids By her salty determined waters Actually, I might be mistaken Maybe it was the ocean that made love to me? She wrapped her kelp around my wrists Squeezed me into one of her shells I think I made the hermit crabs jealous… and the dogs bark at her For a minute I wondered what would happen If … Continue reading Love In The Ocean:


there is one thing it doesn’t exist but everything that exists exists in it what we experience is a prodding into a bending of poking of stretching of bouncing back of a thing that doesn’t exist how unfathomable and we fathom it isn’t that beautiful? ~ Elizabeth Barnett We don’t always need to know why. Namaste. =) Continue reading Fathom


In Mexico, there are these fish that have colonized the freshwater caves along Sierra del Abra. They were lost. They found themselves living in complete darkness. But they didn’t die. Instead, they thrived. They adapted. They lost their pigmentation, their sight, eventually even their eyes. With survival, they became hideous… I’ve rarely thought about what I once was. But I wonder if a ray of light were to make it into the cave, would I be able to see it? Or feel it? Would I gravitate to its warmth? And if I did, would I become less hideous? In an … Continue reading Stigma