Love In The Ocean:

10903440_790722840989120_2017407248_nI made love to the ocean today…
Wrapped my legs around her waves
Dug my fingers into her sandy back

I made love to the ocean…

Dove head first into bubbles foaming at her mouth
My hair was pulled out of its braids
By her salty determined waters

Actually, I might be mistaken
Maybe it was the ocean that made love to me?

She wrapped her kelp around my wrists
Squeezed me into one of her shells

I think I made the hermit crabs jealous…
and the dogs bark at her

For a minute I wondered what would happen
If we married and had children?

Would the dolphins finally move out of the house…
and the jellyfish grow brains?

I made love today,
but it’s probably nothing like those
with them dirty minds think

You see, I stripped down naked
and dove right in.

~ HawaH

Namaste. =)

10 thoughts on “Love In The Ocean:

    1. Different strokes for different folks! On my mat, I can either swim, dance, fly, roll over, all sorts.

      I guess you’re not one of those with dirty minds, huh? 😉
      Thank you, Jnana!


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