We get lost every time our phone dies […]

I chanced upon some reading article from Bootprints. Do get a chance to wander at their site as I adore what they showcase. If you are a traveler, an adventurer, backpack ready with your favourite pair of boots (think Blundstone! I own three pairs!!), you will very well enjoy their site.

But apart from great adventures, there are words written in this piece that can spark something hidden.

We get lost every time our phone dies. I laughed reading this line and loved it! While Bootprints generally relates to using Nature as your guide by actually reading them, I can’t help wonder how dependent we all have become with technology. I recall one summer when I took my big mutt out for a walk through a field of corn. With corn tassels flailing about with the wind, leaves tickling my skin and ears, both my dog, Brill, and I got lost. He was no help as he frantically yanked me in circles. I couldn’t tell which is North, so as much as I needed to head towards East, going in loops seemed like our only chance. I can hear some cars driving in the far highway; but as to what direction the sounds were coming from, I might as well been deaf. I couldn’t tell whether Brill is in panic or simply truly excited about the fact that we are running around everywhere. In spite of the summer heat, we both were ecstatic! Whatever anxiety I usually feel, for some innate reason it rolls over to giggles.

Until I remember my phone and my Compass app. Ta-da…!

The article from Bootprints help us navigate ourselves. Not always for 24 hours. But it’s a good bit of knowledge to fill in our brain cells… something worth remembering, like what Grandpa had taught us.

And it made me think of how often we get lost in our lives, figuratively: Which path to take when you hit a fork on the road. It helps to pause and breathe… but the time comes when we need to choose and decide. My best bet yet, as I firmly set my feet on the ground, is to look out for signs. Again, Nature has her way of letting things flow freely in the most profound and intelligent way, even in disheartening circumstances. Honing such skills, to persevere even in the toughest patch of bitter cold or raging wind or angry rain or intense heat… and I mean this metaphorically as well… trusting your instinct where to head to, your prajna, your insight… may very well make you find yourself again and again.

Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost. ~ Erol Ozan

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