“It’s the secret of life friends.
To hatch a desire and keep up with it.
To hatch a desire and believe in it.

There’s just no sweeter moment in time, than to hatch a desire and to believe in it.
And there’s no suckier moment in time than to hatch a desire and doubt it.
~ Abraham Hicks

Was there ever a doubt? Grey skies and shadows may hung above our heads from time to time; yet no matter how dark and gloomy life can be at times, that tinge of light can outshine the struggles we go through. That light… is you, me, us believing.

After time and distance has separated us from our desire, committing to a home deep in our hearts, to what we believe in, here we are, here I am, about to touch the same desire I have missed far too long. To travel far away and feel once again… there can be no magical moment in our lives when we are on the verge of change. With the deepest intention of succumbing to what is going to happen, to simply surrender… that we may fully realize the possibilities and potentials of our true selves. Unhinged, vulnerable, pure. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to trust that desire, and let it hatch.

2 thoughts on “Hatch

    1. Hey… your comment did not go in my notifications until I saw my page and it said ‘1 comment’ lol.

      Funny how the hatching multiplied though. I would love to go back…


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