Playing with the Boys and a Gal

Gusting NW wind at 25kph… the funny thing is, once we were at the highway where we are in the open prairies, it really didn’t matter which direction the wind was coming from. It was friggin everywhere!

I joined Woodcock CycleWorks No Drop Road Rides last Friday and was it ever exhausting! These folks don’t stop pedalling. I’ve done long rides, 80 km the longest; but this is my own pace – I friggin go crazy with the pedals then cruise and stop for the scenery. I only managed to take a few photos on this ride.

hUSePgFswdfzxAPNyHSlq58DAw2sJuumDvQjvOaZvQVIYEJiJZ7opzsjNROe-KwAirMXv53kapZQuqGJwvwLaaBxDkSelpjUzAzKrk3RIhIPgyTldfjFvjRrxRvJdeiDxzQO6EA6rcVylVUwqFvry9c39dO31N6pE0gemqxO-6rl6vAsPbsKBx2bvF80Tv4LroLsifw-j c5zDSicn6JmWEmV14BwNXpYJCxgmTjmE8KGeaFcZ5hi7k7EzgMSlNGW8IneQK-B1UjlDmHBJblZjOdsITCegjzHHa0TXbnlVrnkOs731iRKteSx-Z2spURrlVJFP2g68po1oNTpQyWUASQxA9Vs9iTyaq9y2MHmzGxiFNj5ZGM--Fujrfm8vgcYCx9Rt_nPNgePzKob2j I swerved around to tell my ever-so-patient guide, Currie Gillepsie, that I so need to take a photo of the alpaca / llama we passed on the lap. I can not tell the difference… can you??

Out of the intended 80 km ride:
20 km from Woodcock shop to Grand Pointe (The Floodway)
10 km at Grand Pointe per lap (It’s up to you how many laps you want to do – 1 to 4 laps)
20 km going back to the shop (with a turnpike that rolls friggin up!)

I managed two laps. I told Currie I’m done after one lap but he said, “How about another at your own pace?” Isn’t that sweet? I felt like a snail 😉 All in all 60 km for my first group ride. =)

i7wE_-8o6YOCLl68uLH6n_i4gWO2LhhaM_FOUeycPdQMqUSLLv5ezEzos4dahtyxwHTmPyCC4h52rXsKvId0MEnQ7uAlhEleI3D3OgswpoZo0C2eUEZFN5P5Nl7OINbc1kRn-yVewIcs3N0Yg3dU6yXoDx9aqKQbuMpwIR5YrjpdookLwJw1CNdZzFpfDGDZkqW_8Zq-zBut they were all supportive and funny. Currie gave me a lot of tips and lecture for not prepping my body before the ride, carbs and all. Snacks along the ride- banana, energy bar, gel whatever, salt sticks. He appreciated my Gatorade though.
He taught me drafting – that literally saved me from the killer wind. “Stay a meter from me or shorter than a meter. When you trust the rider next to you, come close; you won’t get dragged by the wind. Find that sweet spot.”

We met at the rendezvous as we wait for the other riders doing insanely more than two laps…






Meet the group: Currie, Miles, Simon, Brent, Brad, Kristoff, Allison, and moi!
Obviously, you can tell who is the newbie from the outfits – hahaha!

VnqMYEbXVZWlJPI6MnfVA3HfE7BjikH2ydQbguLhsEeC3BYTqknPGPPLavLVmcx08AvTxqsCLbKAulUowQMfRjgltKDgMUSVuErG0vRyOD2N8wT3v_9-S9tO7EaTKBzlMzJdVX6UCzd7e4xVprla32dh_fFAN96VXWywRExUn_UQ5BxGZwYrvKVrUR5xwR2FdeOUcPlMRyMUPElRqDBOH2vW6r8CSUFwEjTWZDpfNZJ4BDyiWFzQxiULM1dqdeyTTNz_fJiinw7AQROO9QsEwKQdQTq4Hs6hSRCaEMTCX8LY9mQrEyCy8vylJutO1H6_ujvJ3vdBbFJNyT-4FbBdA2bIz533KZcBASrh9AMnpgBGxnR1eKOFPteAojl-NNv5mR9aHxu19e9wbByrkW Their last dude-like shop talk at Woodcock after the ride as I hook my bike back to my vehicle. They are all from the city and I still have to drive an hour back home.

But before home… Currie thought it wise to grab something chocolatey. I seriously think they see me as this pathetic-lanky-frail rider lol

oprwlxNhhXMeb3IbsNnzykuH5Ua17qT1erSKbrln5C0HvuioRPZkWbkvLCvAcdFSILtw6qEpzHXTU0JzIlWok5GlwX1vCBj9eCtES8xP9tTyQP80ZyuS1dKk9HdvdgBHMrKf4MXmM65SZF33dr6B1WexjQ0hSBmwkToHVJZD0Z1uN648f3vXM09WeMFX_HyZZj02hgJYEFunky Monkey: bananas, chocolate almond milk, Booster Juice famous yogurt
My goodness!! This drink was ringing in my ears as I sip it but it’s really good… and another thing that saved my body.

vN3IzBpFW3mbF9kfVQa9JnmV_LhZv-_LJpTXOOVdLMyIIX2VWMRPo9AMzJ08JeUUTrKK6rp3bWp5o_gi3B_ig-neirr1_Nv7sj-qfVmY1PqPxA7Ttt1bNRmBnWBwd71GRK6vlc_N87fg1zLcoYxNXL714alhgCirDHMqiV8TthIWqLr-I0g29W-6tnmFn4baunpG9yO8o9uycVT3KTcEVq9DOI2D84fS0RE8cofkMTjygy1ChwTnjR36VtyGjBg5lgHu4j3FT0z_zSdkS_VxJaLSPzfbkdVpJQ9VdQQHzXx4xU_kIolfeeTuBphOqXLr_l-ValjE8Fij5HwfJxGXCrLnU709ty5gDdhtQxKEL9SgQCsrk2RTqZ-eKV2l_jKMcX-KIHenS4Lu_N1iyp On my drive home is the full moon magnifying its glory… reminding me that I have chosen wisely to take this ride tonight. Whatever you feel at the moment, magnifies with the fullness of the moon.
And I simply feel thoroughly but sweetly spent. I have to admit I loved myself a bit more after this endurance ride.
Come magnify that love, Mr. Moon!
Namaste. =)

5 thoughts on “Playing with the Boys and a Gal

  1. Good ride ;). I used to really enjoy biking the deserts of Arizona and California. My biking time has seriously diminished since moving to Toronto. Will have to work on that….


    1. It’s too bad we don’t get longer warmer months here… and the north wind, I can so live without!
      Wouldn’t you ride more in Toronto because of the traffic?


      1. Well, from the perspective of a 14 year law enforcement veteran, bike riding in traffic around Toronto could be lethal. I ride a lot with my daughter, so that is usually a drive to more remote location. Reduces parental stress 😉 You know about that, right Maia? 😉


        1. What parental stress??! Isn’t that just a heightened level of insanity? 😀
          Lethal huh? Haha… I think that’s everywhere. I went to visit Omaha a few weeks ago. Friggin cars don’t stop for me!


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