Of the many poses in Ashtanga, there are poses that we fall dearly for. Not because it is easy… I really doubt anyone would say Ashtanga is easy… but because these poses bring out something almost sacred within us. My Mysore practice never leaves these poses behind. Always waiting for me towards the end, always waiting for me to be more softer yet resolute. The culmination of my practice is this stage. I ask myself two questions on each practice. As I set my intention in the beginning, palms at … Continue reading Bloom


there is one thing it doesn’t exist but everything that exists exists in it what we experience is a prodding into a bending of poking of stretching of bouncing back of a thing that doesn’t exist how unfathomable and we fathom it isn’t that beautiful? ~ Elizabeth Barnett We don’t always need to know why. Namaste. =) Continue reading Fathom

Two Wolves

In my practice this long weekend, I battled with myself. Two or more practices in a day did not appease the struggle. Thinking that the more I practice, the better my heart feels. By Sunday afternoon, the push had come to shove. Never have I surrendered fully into Balasana | Child’s Pose… yet was I fully surrendering? Until I remembered this story… An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is … Continue reading Two Wolves


Remember… All you ever need is inside you; Just don’t be afraid to look… 108 Sun Salutations. Most of the folks I’ve told and invited to join me think it’s crazy. That I’m crazy. I have read a lot about this and have been meaning to participate for ages. Friday, March 20th, Spring Solstice, has been that very day to be a part of it. Folks who are there come from all sorts of background and ages. It is open to anyone, even to those who ’think’ they can not do the full salutation. Be it bent knees or straight, … Continue reading Looping

Gratitude for the Mat

I lay you down to greet the sun, a firm base for my tadasana. You grab my hands as I bow down, securing my pose in your grip, never the first to let go. As breath stretches limbs, heavy memories trapped in cells shed from my skin. You fold them up in your tight lips, never to speak of them again. You are my rock, my roots, my cradle in Savasana. You transform from solid to soft, echoing the process of practice. Only you witness those sweet divine moments when tears slip from my face to yours. A closing OM … Continue reading Gratitude for the Mat


Reconciling with an old friend is a sweet thing. You are taken to the place where the budding relationship began. It gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling of a creative process you have experienced before. I recently came back to my first love in my practice – Ashtanga. And true to those feelings, I am head over heels with it. I adore the flow of breath and movement dancing within my body becoming deeper and deeper on each pose, exposing an expression of loving myself more. The commitment I invest – traveling for an hour to get there and another … Continue reading Solitaire


Get quiet. Listen. Enjoy the waiting. Make love to the silence. Faith comes if you invite it. Find the perfection that lies under the imperfection. Feel the imperfection necessary to reach perfection. What else will call us inside? The answers always come when we are ready. Watch your breath. You never lost what it is you think you are seeking. Watch your breath. Mysteries wait patiently to be revealed. ~ Rachel Darden Bennett Silence is the roar of the Universe… Namaste. =) Continue reading Silence


I am a Vinyasa gal. I love the flowing movements of salutations and the fluidity in transitioning from one pose to the next. It is my dance. To reach up towards the skies and ask for grace, bowing in prayer as my hands drop to surrender, offering my heart forward, opening to the infinite possibilities, to jump into a steady chaturangga, where my shoulder blades serve as wings as I hover above my mat, rolling my toes to up dog, the strength of my thighs lifting, sinking my pelvis towards my mat as my neck stretches to the heavens above, … Continue reading Wiled