Beyond Teaching

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~Mahatma Gandhi Teaching is not mere action. Nor is it by far a status. Teaching is a place. A place where you transform. It takes you to a space where you can put your feet up… and smile… and marvel at your creativity in progress. It is a spot so different where you were a minute ago, an oppotunity where you can put one foot forward and then the other. Learning is never restricted to the students. Teaching is not only to show what you … Continue reading Beyond Teaching


Paraiso is the Spanish translation for Paradise. We all wish to be in such a place, having our dreams and aspirations met. We travel, trying hopefully to seek that abode, neither knowing if it is heaven we are seeking… or was it running away from creating one? Seven years ago, I made a slide presentation for the Christmas season, hoping that the rising community of fellow migrants would share the same Paradise I was seeking for. I duly presented my case to the committee, having friends as members. I wanted the presentation be shown in the upcoming Christmas Party. There … Continue reading Paraiso