Paraiso is the Spanish translation for Paradise. We all wish to be in such a place, having our dreams and aspirations met. We travel, trying hopefully to seek that abode, neither knowing if it is heaven we are seeking… or was it running away from creating one? Seven years ago, I made a slide presentation for the Christmas season, hoping that the rising community of fellow migrants would share the same Paradise I was seeking for. I duly presented my case to the committee, having friends as members. I wanted the presentation be shown in the upcoming Christmas Party. There … Continue reading Paraiso

Ahimsa, The Beginning

Quote There is a famous story about ahimsa told in the Vedas, the vast collection of ancient philosophical teachings from India. A certain sadhu, or wandering monk, would make a yearly circuit of villages in order to teach. One day as he entered a village he saw a large and menacing snake who was terrorizing the people. The sadhu spoke to the snake and taught him about ahimsa. The following year when the sadhu made his visit to the village, he again saw the snake. How changed he was. This once magnificent creature was skinny and bruised. The sadhu asked … Continue reading Ahimsa, The Beginning

108 Spaces

108 times my fingers travel moving along; 108 times I chant a phrase, with melody, a song; 108 times flowing in cadence with my breath; Ironic how the only word that rhymes is death. The touch on a bead evokes a certain calm, Entrancing like magic as the wind sways the palm; The touch on a bead emits a moment of sedation, Eluding in existence, life’s infinite seduction. My heart takes the journey within this ring of halo Each bead is my struggle of things I can not let go; 108 trials, 108 efforts, and perhaps there are more Sitting … Continue reading 108 Spaces