Too Busy to Relax

Too busy to relax they say… complaints, excuses everyday They sound so weak, so stressed, so tired… a mundane world in which they’re mired No time to sit and just be quiet… their mind’s a rush of thoughts, a riot No chance they have to hear the sound… of nature’s wonder all around Of birds and trees and clouds and air… too much work, it’s just not fair This really seems quite sad to me… so much to do, no time to be Breathe I say and move a bit Then after that we can just sit And watch the … Continue reading Too Busy to Relax

Love In The Ocean:

I made love to the ocean today… Wrapped my legs around her waves Dug my fingers into her sandy back I made love to the ocean… Dove head first into bubbles foaming at her mouth My hair was pulled out of its braids By her salty determined waters Actually, I might be mistaken Maybe it was the ocean that made love to me? She wrapped her kelp around my wrists Squeezed me into one of her shells I think I made the hermit crabs jealous… and the dogs bark at her For a minute I wondered what would happen If … Continue reading Love In The Ocean:


It is a dark and captivating fruit. Sour when it should be sweet. Oddly fleshy inside. Sensuous. Like an object conjured in a dream I would be reluctant to discuss. Like those sins that still feel so good, ripening at the edges of the mind. I travel to a province where they grow. It takes two days. I arrive at night and check into a neon motel. I wake before dawn and walk out to the orchards where the migrants have already begun to pick. I watch them on their tripod ladders. Their children playing below, speaking a language I … Continue reading Plum


there is one thing it doesn’t exist but everything that exists exists in it what we experience is a prodding into a bending of poking of stretching of bouncing back of a thing that doesn’t exist how unfathomable and we fathom it isn’t that beautiful? ~ Elizabeth Barnett We don’t always need to know why. Namaste. =) Continue reading Fathom

Gratitude for the Mat

I lay you down to greet the sun, a firm base for my tadasana. You grab my hands as I bow down, securing my pose in your grip, never the first to let go. As breath stretches limbs, heavy memories trapped in cells shed from my skin. You fold them up in your tight lips, never to speak of them again. You are my rock, my roots, my cradle in Savasana. You transform from solid to soft, echoing the process of practice. Only you witness those sweet divine moments when tears slip from my face to yours. A closing OM … Continue reading Gratitude for the Mat

A Thief

To fall is connected with trying. In a Corner of the Body, A Thief Sits Waiting In a corner of the body, a thief sits waiting to steal your affection. Like a pickpocket in the black market, he hides in the dark alleys of the body, but your virtues are a lantern rooting him out. Catch a glimpse as he rounds the corner hoping to hide in the hip joint. Watch him fly as he darts between the shoulder blades, wedges himself therein. Marvel as he ducks under the sacrum, sticks there like a thumbtack. Rejoice to see him tumble … Continue reading A Thief

Will You?

Will you be with me until my hair loses its dusk Wrinkles in my forehead beneath my grey bangs Creases on the corners of my eyes As I smile reaching my shaky arms up to the sky? Will you be with me until my toes curl Not because I want them to But because of stiffness quivering in my stance Where my joints seem to have a mind of their own? Will you be with me as time shows in my bony shoulders Pressing behind my spine as I look up in grace My heart open, forever grateful, forever yours … Continue reading Will You?


She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world. ~ Joanne Harris She often gets lost. She often feels lost. Living with a world who stays inside a bubble. How many times she wanted to take a pin. Inching near Fingers shaking, yet her heart is determined Trouble comes when trouble comes She whines, then laughs at them. Do you cast her away? Or do you love her more? Then you come upon that common space Simpatia; Shared by like … Continue reading Divergent


Plastered dark hues across the sky Light blue froths brimming on the horizon I raise my arms to hail this beauty Catching my heart as I release to bow Honouring the grace of Nature Transforming from the break of dawn Offering me strength to flow within my body Like waves of excitement splashing to shore Greeting the day ahead… There is no better way to start new beginnings Than be in gratitude for the breath In rhythm with silent salutations. Namaste. =)   Continue reading Gesture


Get quiet. Listen. Enjoy the waiting. Make love to the silence. Faith comes if you invite it. Find the perfection that lies under the imperfection. Feel the imperfection necessary to reach perfection. What else will call us inside? The answers always come when we are ready. Watch your breath. You never lost what it is you think you are seeking. Watch your breath. Mysteries wait patiently to be revealed. ~ Rachel Darden Bennett Silence is the roar of the Universe… Namaste. =) Continue reading Silence

Nȧdi | Haiku

Tell me the story… About how the sun loved the moon so much.. That she died every night.. Just to let him breathe… ~ Hanako Ishii         Each time, day and night Sharing glow in unison Untainted pure light. The peak of insight Freeing the mind from uproar Come back to your heart. Be the sun and moon Grounding back to who you are Swell heart up above. And there you will find Another sun and its moon Is it me or you? Each breath, in and out Sharing life harmoniously Unhinged truest love. Namaste. =) Continue reading Nȧdi | Haiku


It is not about shushing the mind. That in itself is a struggle. It is about letting the mind be – acknowledging it for its mad thoughts, accept unconditionally, choose the beauty of such thoughts – they add colours to an otherwise mundane life… and our hearts will guide the mind to be free. That’s what it’s about. That’s what surrender is. Often I see myself relating to the folks I follow closely here. I feel we are all surfing similar waves; only different surfboards. My mind can get too bouncy – things to be written are left idle here … Continue reading Aperture