“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.  It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” ~ Judy Garland Swimming into the depths of my own soul Unconsciously meeting another on a stroll Warm thoughts race in and out the mind Emanating a glow our souls now entwined. Stumbling in a fall as one holds the other No promises to keep neither now or forever Never apart only setting the truth free Waiting with fate for what is meant to be. Plunging inward while patience dare teach New and old learnings unfold within … Continue reading Dive


“Looking at my life I see that only Love Has been my soul’s companion From deep inside My soul cries out: Do not wait, surrender For the sake of Love.” ~ Rumi There are moments that come as a surprise And somehow the sun has ceased to rise Dull and bleak, the world has become And life within turned into a humdrum. How does one learn to ever let go The once enraptured star receiving such a blow Staggering in murk where cold and fog exists The path unknown, a maze with all its twists. I held this star as … Continue reading Silence

Pandora’s Box

Wings are growing on each passing day Every single moment trying my best to play To shun the gloom as it sometimes broods Gathering all the cloaks, wraps, and hoods. But covering it up is such a denial On top of such test is yet another trial Choosing to be happy comes to a halt Opening my thoughts stored in a vault. Then exposing them creates more of an uproar The waves of the mind seeking the shore They need to shush, again another challenge Rummaging in the vault, answers to scavenge. One after another seemingly no end My heart … Continue reading Pandora’s Box


The truth unknown eluding to play Despite the clamours and how they weigh The trials and tribulations seeing mere grey Misleading paths and trails and only to stray. The truth beckoned and called forth here Fogged misconstrued ideas always unclear Dragging to the pit the pain so severe Clutching the heart, the soul feeling fear. The truth descends magnified in light A thunderbolt from afar clearing the sight A shimmer perchance leaving the twilight Hope for the lost, the weak, and the trite. The truth it shines and is right before the eyes Torn wings will heal and shed with … Continue reading Truth

A Letter to Juliet

Dearest Juliet, It is not enough I write thee For words have nought to bring fairness Yet solace mine heart seeks Ease all ghostly sorrow. Wilt the fearful night wash away to morn Distant wish in a faraway land Be gone to the even I speak Let not mine dreams wither. I knew not why such fate has bestowed Upon the dismal voices uttered Lest treachery destiny has tried To whose faith left distraught. Come, Juliet, and play to appease Sleep for a time and doth give rest Let mine heart lay in waiting ‘Til my Romeo take thence with … Continue reading A Letter to Juliet


I received a gift from a very good friend whose soul is as free as a butterfly fluttering among the blooms of a garden. The card wrote about having my own garden… my own identity, my own me. I really don’t know the how-to in growing a garden. Where does one start recreating oneself? As new beginnings are ahead, we listen to what we want as we follow our hearts, where the strength of an impulse all began… And I am here right now. Not stuck; only here. And I believe I can begin my garden wherever I may be. … Continue reading Potpourri


I want to talk about love. Over some years ago, I wrote a lot on various journals about how I get emotionally attached to everything… I cling. Big time. To my son, to my friends, to my dog, to books, to movies, to clothes, to events… and while it may seem like this sweet thing to possess as a character… just like all sweet things, too much sweets, and you end up with a tooth decay. This yogini decayed. Up until a few months ago, I cannot, for the yogilife in me, understand why I need to step back from … Continue reading Seeds


Succumb to the depths of deep slumber Restless sleep naught to any answer Amassing a shield, a shroud, shrinking to cower Reaching out a hand for that soft whisper. Prodded from repose, ignored, left unnoticed The assuage from pain too wearisome to resist Unceasing rousing, swearing yet not promised From afar an honest soul bearing only the truest. Endless paring – recoiling, wincing, flinching to bleed This heart succours calmly encouraging the need Uttering soft goodbyes allow the old be buried Shackles released, unfettered core now freed. Revived from the tomb disrobed from within Discarding the mantle that once cloaked … Continue reading Awakening

Moonlight Breeze

When wounds run wide and deep I would rather not feel but sleep Until the day turn into night Unseen beauty of the moonlight. When wounds carry pain and misery I would rather not think but parry Until the season change from warmth to cold Unheard breeze locked in my threshold. The slashes and slices I kept hidden within Bleeds continuously damning my skin My eyes fail in what lies ahead and beyond Swimming in profuse blood in my very own pond. The struggles will remain when I refuse to see Forgiving myself is my greatest journey Looking back at … Continue reading Moonlight Breeze

Finding Strength

Where does one find the muscles… Like a horse galloping Seeing its flank as it races its gait? Where does one find the brawn… Like a knight in battle Full face and sheathed in armour? Where does one find the power… Like the orders of the angels Tasked as guardians against evil? Where does one find the sturdiness… Like the pillars of the Parthenon Withstanding the test of time? Where does one find the endurance… Like a climber scaling the peak Surviving the elements of nature? The horse can get fatally injured. The knight can be felled with a pole … Continue reading Finding Strength


As I have tried different mantras to help me focus, whether in yoga or elsewhere, they tend to lose their connection within me as the days wore on. I’ve asked myself what could be the reason why they tend to slip from the meaning as when I first tried it. And the answer leapt in my mind… we all have our own mantras in life. Most of us just don’t realize it. We may tend to say to ourselves, “I am lonely”, or “I am an idiot” or to put in a brighter perspective, “I am a butterfly”, or “I … Continue reading Vines


Other people take time to absorb the surroundings before venturing forward. Others take into consideration what could happen with all the what-ifs. I really do not allow myself to do all these whether to be on the safe side or to be certain of whatever that may come along. I do not dwell on precautionary means. As some may call it impulsively rash… I call it spontaneous instinct. This is my nature. Yet it has not always been how I have been. Family, friends, society, religion, education… all play a role in determining the course of events that take place … Continue reading Strings

Let it Be

“…Consider your greatest moments… How many were spontaneous vs planned…” ~ David Culiner There are moments in our lives when things don’t turn out as how we planned them to be. We then feel disappointed; but only because we expected. There’s nothing wrong with a calculated idea; but there’s nothing wrong either with being open to other options. Open your heart allowing the light to shine through. Only then can you see. Let it be. We chanced upon new friendships that seem to be the missing link to an otherwise sundered personalities that we all possess. Then people evolve… and somewhere … Continue reading Let it Be


There is a book Found only by a few In the deepest of the forest. It has been said by wiser folks… Some pages are filled Some incomplete Some blank. Each chapter is a pilgrimage Some chapters are whole Some partial Some bare. Each page is a trail Some pages are clear Some are hidden Some are obstructed. Each character is an adventure Some valuable Some compromising Some empty. There is a book Only meant for you In the deepest of the forest. There is a book Only meant for me That I have found In the deepest of the … Continue reading Unabridged


Every so often the skeletons in my closet create such a raucous that the chained and locked closet door shakes tremendously, and I am left to deal with it. By myself. Because the closet is my awesome mind that often, if not always, I would rather ignore, add more locks, possibly bolt it down, or even add that heavy plank of wood across the door like in the olden days. Yet it is more overwhelming to simply ignore. The clamour is unyielding to the point of seeing steam creeping out of it, with grunting noises on the other side, scratching … Continue reading Ole!