Styling From The Inside: Secrets From An Ashtanga Yogi

Guess what??! I got interviewed. =))) Come check it out. Many, many hugs and gratitude again to Elysha. *** Ashtanga is like the ballet of yoga. If done regularly, the primary series can set a solid foundation for the practice in the same way ballet teaches the fundamentals of dance. And as in ballet, As… Source: Styling From The Inside: Secrets From An Ashtanga Yogi Continue reading Styling From The Inside: Secrets From An Ashtanga Yogi

: Alone :

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I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel- For the past two years in late August, I bike for nearly ten hours, one hundred plus miles, into the picturesque countryside around Omaha, Nebraska.. Out here, I don’t have a laptop, a navigation gadget, or anyone to talk to. It’s just me and my bike, and a few Western Meadowlarks greeting me kindly. … The first twenty miles are the hardest. I’m on an adrenaline high at first, I wake… Continue reading : Alone :

Top 10 things about Winnipeg

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Two weeks ago, I traveled to Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, for the first time. I knew little about Canada’s “Gateway to the West.” I’ve met a few people who grew up here. I remember a movie, My Winnipeg, that screened at the Vancouver Film Festival several years ago. That’s about it. Well, my first impression was very positive. (Winnipeg in December might have been a different story.) My Winnipeg top 10: GREEN, LEAFY NEIGHBORHOODS Coming from the glorious summer gardens of Kitsilano, Vancouver, I was pleasantly surprised to find Winnipeg’s Armstrong’s Point just as verdant, with a canopy of soaring… Continue reading Top 10 things about Winnipeg

L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

I began writing this with the title of Ahimsa, the Practice, as a sequel to my other post. After some readings, I changed it to Growing with Emotions. Then I chanced upon the movie, Love Happens on cable. Seen it before… but I may have been multi-tasking then. And because I’ve been feeling physically sh*tty (flu), the ability to multi-task was lost on me. And that’s a good thing!! They all seem to tie together as my thoughts swirl… watching the movie, reflecting on Ahimsa, sensing my emotions. And I just said I don’t multi-task. Bah! Practicing ahimsa is not … Continue reading L♡ve Happens… Sh*t Happens

I am just a yoga teacher

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This is a great article. We sometimes have great expectations of others, whether they’re yoga teachers or any other sort of teacher or leader. There have been times in my life that people have judged me because I didn’t live up to their expectations of me. The only thing that really matters though, is that I live up to my own expectations of me- and that those expectations are not unreasonable. I truly believe we all just do the best we can. Continue reading I am just a yoga teacher

The Lexicology of Versatility

So I got nominated. My first ever!! I graciously thank Evolving Yogi. *curtsies at ya* I don’t quite get yet what this nomination-thingy is, and I know there are several kinds. In time I’ll get to know them. What matters now is I’m nominated and I’ll bask in its glory!! Kidding. 🙂 It comes with rules though. Don’t we rather break the rules? Sounds more fun that way. 😉 To the nominees, link here for the rules: The Versatile Blogger Award by Evolving Yogi. The word lexicology is defined as: the study of the formation, meaning, and use of words. … Continue reading The Lexicology of Versatility


Gratitude. Becoming aware of the simple surroundings. Being appreciative of small things but making your heart feel big. Expressing thankfulness to the Universe for allowing us see the simplicity and smallness. Recognizing this past week… Kritajnata that I saw the magnificence and mysticism of the full moon. Kritajnata that the sign caught my eye going to my favourite health food store.   Kritajnata that though I hesitated to concentrate on a core class today, I am grateful I listened to my gut, my own core and awakened their core. Now they only need to learn to listen to theirs. Kritajnata to … Continue reading Kritajnata


A concept exists regarding dualism in the natural forces. Light and shadow. Life and death. Unconscious and conscious. Passive and active. So many, many more. While some call them as opposites, they are actually the same thing but on a different level, on a different sphere. It is somewhat struggling to put into words. And what comes close to my mind is Harry Potter and Voldemort from Sybil Trelawney’s prophecy, “… neither lives while the other survives”. Only to mean that as much as there exists an interdependence between two forces, only one can manifest itself at a certain time. They are two forces complimenting each other to form a greater whole. Continue reading “Duality”