The Road Less Traveled

About seven months ago, I began a journey. A personal development in Ashtanga Yoga. We now culminated that part of our journey.

But the culmination is yet another beginning. As we head out back in our ‘normal’ lives, here lies the road of bumps and potholes and sharp turns. Here lies where we begin the continuos process of ‘doing the work’.

There were lots of gifts given during our training. From books we will forever read, a manual that may very well be our bible, a certificate of accomplishment, a book shared from experience, the beauty of letting go from a burning candle, a heartwarming letter of appreciation for our authenticity, a set of white howlite mala beads for my overactive mind, dharma talks, Chosabi lunch, Starbucks, and let’s not forget the addictive scones during breaks…

Gifts that serve as a reminder, sweet memories we all share, together… imbedded in our hearts, inked to our spirits.

The greatest gift of all I received from this experience is connection.

When I finished my first 200-hour training back in 2012, I was a different person with a different intention. That intention then was unclear; only that I feel it is something I needed to do because I feel it speaks to my path. More of like jumping into the pool on a hot day; yet I wanted to likewise swim. And so I did.

This time around, that first training took me further down the path. It wasn’t easy but my heart yearned for something I have no idea what. Only that I know and feel down to my very bones, as much as it can be a very trying and difficult road, I will never be at peace without walking it.

I would exchange any day to walk this road again, however intense and exhausting, to stay connected. Connected with like-minded souls and most of all, connected with my own self.

The physical demands have been beyond what I thought they would be. Whether the asanas or the homework or the 140 km traveling each day regardless the season… I don’t feel glad the training is over but I feel joyful I am continuing this road.

How many of us can truly say we choose the road with bumps and potholes and sharp turns? How many of us can truly say we choose the road less traveled?

There is always something so beautiful in the process of difficulty when we stay on the path and continue doing the work. Nothing that comes to us easy is worth our while. Choose what speaks to your heart, learn to listen to it. The difficulty comes back ten-fold far over than what you can ever see. Allow it to happen and it will let your heart spill over and over with gratitude and radiance you can take with you each day. For the rest of your life.


3 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. So the message today is about the path – the road less travelled – from the quote on your insta to this post. I feel that when my path gets difficult, I’m so in it that I don’t even realize how difficult it is until I look back and think — WOW, that was really difficult! Like last summer was intensely difficult, but at the time, I was just in it…surviving. I guess that’s what happens on the path – sometimes we’re surviving and then other times we are thriving. I’m so happy to see you thrive right through your teacher training. Onward! xoxo


    1. The ebbs and flows of life, sweets. But we stick to the path. Keep moving forward, even when it’s a struggle. Just keep at it.
      And it will reap a thousandfold. Trust the process.
      Thank you for visiting!! xoxo


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