The Wholeness of Owning Nothing

I know now that I’ll never lose anything again because I never had anything to begin with. It’s the most freeing feeling in the world to have everything and own nothing.

The onset of the new year sits waiting for us. When you listen close enough, you’ll hear its words of pleading to give ourselves a break, and simply let go.

There are many things we hold onto. Looking back, even only for this year alone, we find stuff attached to our beings that do not serve any real purpose in our lives. Be they tactile or not; they become our baggage, laden with cobwebs of attachments that drag our spirit. Wouldn’t it be uplifting to feel lighter with ourselves?

You keep both feet on the ground. Earthbound. Most people are.
You’re either born with wings or not.

Being grounded does not imply we are so rooted that we are just stuck. We dream. A lot. But forever dreaming isn’t the way to live. There comes a time when we live our dreams. And the only way to do so is to fly.

Do not be afraid to let go. Even when you feel you’re left with nothing. The only way for possibilities to happen is when we create spaces in our lives for them to come in. What room is there left in you when you crowd yourself with things that do not really matter? Let us not get stuck with owning everything yet feeling nothing.

Happy new beginnings.


: Elephant Journal, Danica Taylor.
: Homeland, Otto Düring.

5 thoughts on “The Wholeness of Owning Nothing

  1. Ah, the freedom in letting go. I’m going to work on that today by physically clearing out a bunch of stuff / junk (it’s all kind of the same isn’t it?) It’s an ongoing practice…to lighten the grip, if even just a touch. Here’s to Being Light in 2016! x x o o


    1. I actually meant the ‘junk’ in my house lol. But then again, everything is really the same depending on how we see things. As I begin to pile those junk in boxes and garbage bags, you come to reflect… why not do the same with our emotional and mental junk?
      One intention I have been friggin working on is that I feel so light that when I need to go anywhere, it’ll be easy to pack and go and move on.
      I have a friend who reconstructs old buildings in Winnipeg. He has a house far from the city but rarely stays there. Most times, he packs and works and stays on the building he’s working on. Seems like a nomad lol. Almost a hippie! His truck is like a huge suitcase. But I’ve never seen him this happy. He’s a heavy set guy (well, way heavier than I am – haha!) but his heart is sooo light! =)


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