Life Is —

Things you can never have or do again when you have a dog:

– Sleep in without getting licked
– Sleep in without heavy breathing on your face
– Travel without feeling guilty
– Planting or gardening
– Clean smudge-free windows
– Watch a sad movie alone
– Finish a whole meal by yourself
– Removing lint roller from grocery list
– Sleep alone
– Put up Christmas decor
– Own anything wooden or stuffed
– Vehicle is clean and un-furry
– Walk leisurely on your walks
– Spend more on human treats
– Pee alone

IMG_1583 IMG_1324 IMG_0335 IMG_0669 IMG_1099 IMG_1053 IMG_0959 IMG_0196 IMG_1711 IMG_1775

2 thoughts on “Life Is —

  1. Hahahaa omg he’s sooo stinkin cute!! I love the picture of him buried in the snow. If it makes you feel any better I have a cat and I love him so much but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about me. He never cuddles and when he does he lays at the bottom of my bed for 5 minutes then leaves lol.


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