Prairie ♡ Love

Think Wanderlust, prairie-style. This is its second year and I am thrilled getting accepted as a volunteer. Last year, let’s just say I literally burned myself and couldn’t be out under the sun, what more roaming the prairies. This year, I took great care not to burn myself while outdoors.

Awesome line up for the weekend where my instructors and friends lead a diverse menu of yogic specialties. I feel they are all desserts I want to simply dive in. Volunteer my time for four hours… and the rest of the day is an array of all kinds of cheesecakes, ice cream, gelato, pies, custards, cookies… … for free!!
And to add more icing to the dessert??
This is my weekend birthday! 🙂

Whether you are in Manitoba, near Manitoba, or ways away from Manitoba… come join me and the Prairie Yogis on September 12-13 for our very own Prairie Love Festival at Fort Whyte Alive, Winnipeg.

Namaste. =)

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