The Story of Your Bones

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. ~ Maya Angelou

On some recent readings, I came across some wellness culture belonging to the Ojibwe, a group of Native Americans and First Nations belonging to the United States and Canada, respectively. Oxoconic, the story of our bones is a sacred word for they find it healthy that we share our stories. This healthiness transcends to discovering our own value. When we are able to release the words from within, we can allow ourselves to feel free and feel the space that once was occupied by the story. When we reach this feeling, not only do we see ourselves valued for having our story heard or read, but we likewise begin to appreciate our sacredness as part of all creation. We then become whole even when we share a part of ourselves. Isn’t that amazing?

These stories we all hold need someone to bear witness so we may gain more openness within ourselves, allowing ease to inspire us in creating more words to share. In spite the hype about technology and how it disassociates us from creation, from nature… we are still here writing our blogs; still here reading other blogs. Most often than not, it is finding the right person to talk to.

Once upon a time…
I poured out these words – through the animation of my voice, the fluidity of my pen, my bouncing fingertips on the keyboard… and thus, my story is finished. I, the storyteller, can now see myself valued and sacred. My deepest gratitude to you all for acknowledging this post, the story of my bones.

Namaste. =)

Source: Wellness News July 2015 ed.| Pamela Vialoux | Shabequay Healing |


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