Top 10 things about Winnipeg

Thank you for showcasing Winnipeg. I live and teach in Steinbach, a 100 km away from Winnipeg, but I’m almost always there everyday to practice. It is a lovely city, a bit congested, especially in downtown which I’m sure you witnessed during day time… but true to your words, Winnipegers are all for walking and cycling as soon as weather permits. We have 7-8 months of snow. We so need to get out!

I’ve been in Canada for almost 11 years now. The strangest thing is I only began falling in love with Winnipeg only late last year, in spite the snow and bitter cold. The city simply feels so alive regardless the season. It’s totally different from where I live… I mean t-o-t-a-l-l-y lol.

Congratulations on your assessment.
Did you try the house salad dressing at Boon Burger? It is to die for! =)

Yoga Spy

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, for the first time. I knew little about Canada’s “Gateway to the West.” I’ve met a few people who grew up here. I remember a movie, My Winnipeg, that screened at the Vancouver Film Festival several years ago. That’s about it. Well, my first impression was very positive. (Winnipeg in December might have been a different story.) My Winnipeg top 10:

GREEN, LEAFY NEIGHBORHOODS Coming from the summer gardens of Kitsilano in Vancouver, I was pleasantly surprised to find Winnipeg just as gloriously verdant, with soaring trees and plush meadows. GREEN, LEAFY NEIGHBORHOODS Coming from the glorious summer gardens of Kitsilano, Vancouver, I was pleasantly surprised to find Winnipeg’s Armstrong’s Point just as verdant, with a canopy of soaring trees and lawns as plush as carpets.

IMG_2140 B&B BREAKFASTS At Beechmount Bed & Breakfast, I woke to fresh fruit, homemade muffins, yogurt, and a perfectly formed omelet (here, filled with tender asparagus spears).

WALKABILITY From my B&B a leisurely walk to The Forks took 40 minutes. Along the way, I could have turned to head downtown or to the commercial Osborne and Corydon Streets. WALKABILITY From my B&B I could walk to Yoga North, the Iyengar yoga studio in town, in less than 20…

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