queen-garnet-plum-crop-harvest-superfood1It is a dark and captivating fruit. Sour when it should be sweet. Oddly fleshy inside. Sensuous. Like an object conjured in a dream I would be reluctant to discuss. Like those sins that still feel so good, ripening at the edges of the mind. I travel to a province where they grow. It takes two days. I arrive at night and check into a neon motel. I wake before dawn and walk out to the orchards where the migrants have already begun to pick. I watch them on their tripod ladders. Their children playing below, speaking a language I do not understand. One of the workers gestures toward me. Another pivots around. I nod and wave like a comrade. From high in the tree someone tosses me a plum.

~ David Shumate

Namasre. =)

2 thoughts on “Plum

    1. You know, when I posted this, I wanted an image of two plums. Couldn’t find one I like, except for two that are still life paintings.
      Then in the city as I was driving, I saw two trucks, plum-colored. I tried to take a pic but they were far apart… and you know me, I drive safe 😉


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