It is not about shushing the mind. That in itself is a struggle.

It is about letting the mind be – acknowledging it for its mad thoughts, accept unconditionally, choose the beauty of such thoughts – they add colours to an otherwise mundane life… and our hearts will guide the mind to be free. That’s what it’s about. That’s what surrender is.

Often I see myself relating to the folks I follow closely here. I feel we are all surfing similar waves; only different surfboards. My mind can get too bouncy – things to be written are left idle here and there. Focus is a trait I am working on. Yet even knowing that, where does one begin?

Space is a place I go to. I love my spaces. As my mind explodes into a series of stories holding no ground, my whole self tenses up. The tightness between the shoulder blades? That pulling behind the knee? Hips seem to belong to someone else? Unable to sleep? All these and more…

Realizing as I create these spaces through my practice, such thoughts are only a cacophony of an over-active imagination. I get carried away… easily. And one simple incident can turn into a myriad of nagging misconceptions. I get so blown away that I stagger with myself and with my thoughts!

Now pause, because you can.
You really can!!
Watch yourself.
Develop the loving awareness we all seem to ignore about ourselves.
Breathe… just breathe.
Then slowly open up.
We then see… it’s a storm we created ourselves.
Now choose:
Create spaces?
Create storms?

The smallest of an opening can make wonders for the troubled soul. But we decide to let the light through. It’s okay to adjust the opening, adapt ourselves to what’s out there – just don’t hold back; don’t pull away. The more we stay with the light, the better the focus, the more light fills up the spaces.

Palms together in gratitude
to ancient lines of wisdom
a tribute

Life’s challenges met through practice
worldly worries fade away
on the mat

Body, mind and breath in unison.
Devotion leads to light
with grace

Glimpsing stillness, moments of wholeness
with attention, focus
and surrender
pure joy.


~ Kitty Arambulo

I adore my mat. And this particular one that’s so wide… my child’s pose is as grounding as I can ever be.
Come into practice, whatever yours may be. Free your spaces. Free yourself.


Namaste. =)

9 thoughts on “Aperture

        1. I just find it easier to express myself to what’s out there in plain sight, the obvious, and relate it to something unquantified, or non-linear… that every single thing is not always what it seems, that things can be more when you let yourself truly see. It’s how I process. It’s how I can be as logical as possible that can be somehow understood. I don’t react as common as other most folks do. There’s nothing two-dimensional when I see things. It can go as far as three or four or more lol!

          But sure… talk over coffee? 😉


    1. Hey stranger! Happy new beginnings, sweets! And an awesome header for your year to practice again. Happy for you! We’ll dance whoever the god is lol

      You know, I have this hanging thought about your recent blog. You sort of gave me a good whack – haha… xo

      Liked by 1 person

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