Beyond Teaching

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
~Mahatma Gandhi

Teaching is not mere action. Nor is it by far a status. Teaching is a place. A place where you transform.

It takes you to a space where you can put your feet up… and smile… and marvel at your creativity in progress. It is a spot so different where you were a minute ago, an oppotunity where you can put one foot forward and then the other. Learning is never restricted to the students.

Teaching is not only to show what you know. It is the only path to share what your heart readily gives.

We are all teachers. Some of us are simply not aware of it. It is a place of discovery. When you allow yourself to observe, you uncover more of you.

What we teach is a reflection of who we can become.



It has been too long
since the words told me
how I really feel…

These days I speak less
with my pen and brush
more with my body and breath…

It is hard to write about
experiencing a dynamic transformation
that sounds so unreal…

The grace at which I can now move
in and out of each pose
reflects the pace at which my life now flows…

The fear I overcame to stand on my head
becomes a reflection of the fear
I overcame just to live…

Now trying to give this
transformation away
to someone else…

The question is
how can I teach something
impossible to understand myself?

How can my life be so different
just because I learned to touch my toes?

~ Josie Wrath

Namaste. =)

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