The How | Final Chapter

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.

Spring of last year, I encountered a blogger friend here who opened a door for me to teach yoga in another part of the world. To Sheri, my heartfelt gratitude for turning the doorknob. You helped pave the way. You are a friggin awesome encounter! xo

Months passed and plans were underway. The thought alone drove me crazy with excitement. There was the intent to be accompanied, but as things panned out, we can not always have the best of both worlds. And a few weeks before my voyage, it is clear I will be undergoing this venture alone.

A week before my flight to the Dominican, I spent wonderful days with that other best world. Perhaps to compensate for not being able to accompany me? Nonetheless, we needed the time for us to be together before I headed down South. Somehow there is balance in togetherness. =)

The onset of the week for my flight has been incredibly stressful. Each morning, I wake up with an elephant sitting on my chest. I go to work full of uncontrolled adrenalin. My ADHD began to kick in. I seem to be bouncing, physically and mentally. I was obviously high strung. To quote from a friend at work – You have butterfly-winged thoughts. You fleet and flutter and bounce in speeding varying thoughts, even in saying one sentence alone.

Two days before my flight, I clicked on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty on Netflix. Just because. Right after the movie, I began packing. I am friggin going, come heaven or hell. I am singing Major Tom!

And the next day, I woke up expecting the elephant. Looking above the ceiling and around my room, he is nowhere. I can breathe freely.

Often times I spend an enormous amount of energy figuring out the reason why things don’t turn out the way I planned it, the way I want it to be. More often than not, I don’t really get an answer. I look everywhere for reason. I traveled down South for an understanding. And though I experienced an extraordinary adventure being in the Dominican, I realized as I sit back at home, the answer has been laying inside my heart.


I saw another part of the world, dangerous to be alone and dared dangerous things, seeing the love behind differently people, as I become closer in knowing them more, feeling them and feeling who I am not with…

The time alone gave me courage being with myself… and the time alone gave you and me the strength to be closer however apart.

Thank you for letting me be. Thank you for reminding me the purpose.
Namaste. =)

We can be ourselves now
Go ahead, be foolish
No one’s on the clock now
Lying in this simple moment

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