Fondness Memories | Day 7

… a 30-something couple drying off after a swim at the beach, he helps her put on her shorts preventing more sand to stick to her, as she held onto his shoulders for support… you don’t see much of this anymore

… a young girl taking pictures of her parents, the dad clearly worried but trusting enough to let her hold the expensive Nikon, as she calls out to them, “Ready to smile, lovebirds?”

… a trio – two gorgeous young girls with a chaperon who is as big as a bar bouncer (then multiply big 2x), the girls adoring his protectiveness over them, while he simply wants them safe and pampered while having fun

… our tour guide, Eduardo Anghel, who is a joyous funny person answering all our questions during our trip to Extreme Zip Canopy… was asked by someone from England about helicopters and how much they cost to fly around… and he replied, “Why would you want to fly again? You just flew so long to get here? Wouldn’t your feet want to land?”

… two visitors who followed me in my classes, slightly seasoned yogis who with the sense of adventure in the air, free spirits, and trusting themselves enough to do Wheel pose, Urdvha Dhanurasana for the first time…

… four French-speaking ladies, most likely from Quebec… talking endlessly the whole afternoon, with loud laughing (and snorting)… though I don’t understand, but my story for them is that they have been friends for a long time, comfortable with each other, and sharing their beauty with the beauty here

… with the scorching heat as you bask and hearing the roaring waves… a trickle, then two , then more… you look up as the clouds refreshes your skin… looking around and catching the eyes of a young girl… we both giggle with glee!

… two kids, brother and sister, who upon seeing this crazy girl running away from the waves as it comes, then walking towards it as it recedes, jumping unexpectedly when it’s one wave after another, laughing at herself… they join her and we all laugh together…

.. two girls cartwheeling on the shore, not knowing each other… falling when the waves get too strong, and being able to laugh silly at ourselves.


I’ve been an observer, obviously. People watching. And being with them in those moments, near or far. It’s not only the place we need to remember. We create fond memories when we capture a moment, be in it, and simply stay right there, right here.

Namaste. =)

Larimar... for Aleya =)
Larimar… for Aleya =)
strumming away with my fingers...
strumming away with my fingers…
Southern full moon
Southern full moon

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