Let Me Fall | Day 6

On this day, I’ve decided to check off some things from my bucket list:
Zip lining and
Free falling

To say my shrieks simply got soaked into the vastness of the beautiful mountain, Anumaya, an Indian name, is saying it mildly.

Zip lining is by far not as scary as it seems. The first, of course, you simply looked like a klutz. Almost burning the wedge between my thumb and palm because I was gripping the cable the wrong way. I even blamed the huge glove. Mental note to those who want to partake – wrap your four fingers over the cable.

The 75 kph zip lining is the best. Twice we did it and it’s marvelously exhilarating! The speed is phenomenal as you have your feet dangling in the air. Knees kept close together placed right above your hips – practice this in doing yoga (hugging knees across your chest). The more you can bring your knees together, the more zoom you get without feeling like you’re losing it. Others who had knees apart and had difficulty hugging them together, felt themselves awkward in doing so. You lose the essence of the speed because you’re more concerned about the discomfort.

We did the Superman zip lining which is one of the freeing things you’ll ever feel. Hooked on your harness from your back, arms in T or on your sides, feet looped on ropes… you are flying for a long stretch. I saw what I thought was an insect at hyper speed beside me; it was my shadow. The funny part is you’d think you’d crash with the team of experts waiting on you at the other end. I screamed more as I headed towards them.

And the gut-wrenching free fall. I told Carlos, our guide, as he hooked me up that I’m taking him along, gripping the ropes as tight as I can. But he said – Honey, you need to fall on your own first, then we can all fall together after.
I really felt I would just plunge down as you wait for that jolting snag when the rope hits its lowest. I paused screaming between then because it felt forever for the jolt to happen! And even then, as I swung every-friggin-where, there were more than butterflies in my belly!

It makes you wonder now how bunjee jumping feels like. No holding of the ropes but freeing everything from you that we always tend to cling to… Sounds familiar?

Was there fear? Lisa, from Ontario who I’ve met on my way to my afternoon class asked me.

I’m not entirely certain, except for the fact I was really regulating my breath. And whether it has been scary?? I wanted to hug the fear, feel it as my skin tingles with excitement compounded by the fluttering wings of the butterflies in my belly.


And when you stand (in chair pose even) at the edge of that platform??
My goodness…

You have those amazing intense seconds of simply moulding with nature and with the famous phrase: Que sera sera..

Then letting yourself go with a jump…

Let me fall.

Namaste. =)

Evernote Camera Roll 20141008 203344

My warmest gratitude to the English folks who stayed and waited for me during this excursion.
Nicola, Nick, Lucy, Philip – the best couples you can go falling with…
May your harness burns heal well from only wearing shorts! 😉

7 thoughts on “Let Me Fall | Day 6

    1. Nothing would have been as satiating without the blessings of such caring folks – not only the locals; but visitors alike. They usually give me the ‘Awww, you’re alone?” And I have to shake my head a couple of times and let them and myself feel it is okay. Never mind the typical males who seem to think fun is under the bikini.

      I feel grateful though seeing the depth and shallowness of different people. Makes you appreciate more your own strength. Either be typical… or be damn beautifully different. =)


        1. Would you believe that when someone asked me what was my most memorable part of my travel? – it wasn’t this. I loved it for sure… but it was being immersed with everything that was happening around me, immersed in doing nothing but just immersed. I think that’s my new word now lol. I used to say I want to get absorbed… that’s not it really. Absorbed is like getting lost into it… and while that may be awesome… I want to be involved deeply with moments too, which I feel is immersed.

          Call me crazy lol! xo


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