Where the Art Lays | Day 5

[…] shine no matter what, love unconditionally, and be a kind and gentle soul, even when nobody is watching […]

In connection from my previous post, when we attempt to accomplish the art of doing nothing, Il Dolce Far Niente, we do so with our hearts shining out, reaching deep within and getting to know who we truly are, without the turmoils of our hectic schedule, without the attachment for the need to be constantly working out, without the guilt of feeling unproductive, without having to log online to pay bills.

The problem lays when we are doing nothing, we think we are worthless beings without having to accomplish anything. We then wallow in this thought, and a sense of ineptitude seeps in.

We need to realize that there is beauty in nothingness. There is the vast space where we can simply spill our love to ourselves for allowing such moments take hold of us.

There are the deep rooted emotions we have shelved. And trust me when I say, they will come out. Emotions are feelings with stories attached to them. Why not rather feel instead of emoting? I captured this from what I’m reading here. Feelings are like fleeting clouds; emotions are buried – so why stay in the friggin burying hole? Can you find comfort within yourself that these emotions are a part of you? They do not define you. But only facets, chapters in your storybook in an otherwise fantastic version of you!

The art of doing nothing lays in the simple truth of dealing only with ourselves. Too long have we shelved knowing who we are by replacing them with stuff to do. What we do is not who we are. When there’s nothing to do, how do you feel about yourself? When you have all that space of nothingness, come fill it with self love, then let it spill everywhere and to everyone.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become. ~ Carl Jung


Love is the art of doing nothing, unconditionally.

Namaste. =)

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