Il Dolce Far Niente | Day 4

The art of doing nothing.

More than just an art, it requires skill. It requires the most difficult challenge one can face. The irony of such a phrase!

Being here in one of the most beautiful places on earth… to spend your whole day idly yet with purpose… to lay basking under the sun yet you feel more than the warmth of the sun’s rays… there is something euphoric about doing nothing. How does one do something but is nothing?

Each day in the stressful lives we all live, the true meaning of living is lost. We turn out so automated that keeps going and going. And each day we acquire more of these stress without even dropping the other. I was too busy today to call you… I’m heading to yoga after work then groceries… I’m shopping in the morning and work out in the gym after… I’m glad it’s the weekend; I have laundry piled up… Blah blah blah. Do we all equate our busyness with our self-worth? Do we keep multiplying our tasks to gain more of ourselves?

The truth is we lose ourselves in the process as we gather these never-ending tasks. We diminish our self-worth by thinking that when we look busy, the world will see you as important.

Don’t we all need to reflect on these words, and simply ask ourselves – When do we stop giving ourselves bs?!

I, for one is a big liar to myself. The only moment I can truly pause and breathe is when I practice alone and meditate. That’s like an hour to two hours in the 24 hours we all have. I’m not even counting sleep because that can be restless too – go figure!

There was a fear of panic when I was given more than a week of the exact opposite of what I do in my everyday life. One or two classes a day, the hotel manager said. The rest of the days are yours to do as you please. Relax and enjoy yourself.

What do I please??
Enjoy myself???

Those were very haunting questions. I felt guilt with fear because of realizing I do not know the art of doing nothing. The wondrous art of enjoying myself. I take pride in coming to varied yoga classes. I hop on my bike and pedal away. I’m already planning what to do to replace cycling when winter comes.


This art is a lifelong journey. And I’ve managed to take the first strokes on my canvass. There is sweetness to being my own company. It’s not always euphoric… but clearly these days have been far longer than an hour or two of meditation I usually do.

Namaste. =)

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