Centre | Day 3

Somehow it gets annoying to be alone most of the time. I tend to get caught up with what I see and wham! You lose in touch with your inner self, your purpose of being in this magical place. Families, couples, groupies… I get lost when I watch them too much. And I woke up today feeling way off-centred.

I meet interesting people everyday. From visitsors like myself to people who live here. And we have fantastic conversations. Never fleeting talks but sincerely engaging in learning conversations.

And what I’ve learned?? However the stories are something new, mind-blowing, or even something remembered… It is not about gaining more knowledge of everything. There is the simple truth of unlearning some things to be able to absorb what’s right in front of me.

I’m reading a book, Buddhist Boot Camp shared by a very beautiful person. I’m on my third reading since it was handed to me two weeks ago. There’s a chapter that really spoke high waves of what I feel now…

The Dad’s author said – You are not really learning something new. You’re trying to be two years old again, aren’t you?

A child would never be this uptight about being here, even when alone. The curiosity will explode a million times over to simply take this all in. There won’t be the envy or jealousy of seeing others in their happy moments; the child will simply walk up to them and join in. The child will not feel abandoned jumping up alone from the waves at the shore; others will come along, perhaps no talks needed but simply the giggles and loud shrieks from playing.


And when we allow ourselves to come back to our child within??
Guess what?

In there I find my centre.

Namaste. =)

*** *** ***
Interestingly though, as I was shown to my seat for dinner (Bella Cucina, an Italian restaurant at the resort is a must for anyone visiting here), their head receptionist asked me a load of questions, mainly why I am here by myself. Of course they ask why, right? And as we talked, she said – We all need somebody special in our lives, here or afar, there has to be someone in your heart… … … my heart whispered… Someone as beautiful who shared me the book. =)

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16 thoughts on “Centre | Day 3

  1. I’ve been fortunate to travel to many places around the world, and for most of it, I have not had a companion with me. Nearly everywhere I go there really are people around, so I’m not truly alone. I’ve noticed that when I’m in my self-acceptance and joy, maybe like a small child, I seem to draw in connections with interesting people and events. You’re on to something with that child-like innocence. It’s amazing how the world seems to change when I’m not expecting things to be a certain way.


    1. It humbled me for the most part, and with that feeling of smallness, my heart felt bigger, you know what I mean? And the bigger my heart felt, the more I am more drawn to people and moments.
      The sweet part?? The people and moments get drawn to me, too. =)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Greece is a calling. I’d love to bury my feet with their sand there. =)

          New York… hmmm… and just stare at their gigantic tree at Rockefeller Centre… xo


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