Beautifully Delicious Juana | Day 2.5

Before Day 2 ended, I had the urge to head for the beach. Pressing waves, the scent of salt air, hot humid air… life is beautifully delicious. And I appreciate the fact I have missed these.

It was a perfect moment to chill there, sitting at the bar by the beach, and meeting interesting people all with the intention of soaking in the warmth that have already left some parts in Canada. Yes, oddly enough, I have engaged in long conversations with Canadians. Like attracts like.

One introduction was however, unexpected. Ken, a big boisterous gentleman from Ontario said to try. And I did. And I was hooked.

Evernote Snapshot 20141008 205203

I fell in love with Mama Juana, the local liqueur.

Three shots one after another mixed with either Sammy Sosa or Pina Colada. Wes, from Montreal warned me about taking a fourth. He said Mama Juana starts kicking then.


Did I listen?
At that moment, yes. (see my halo)

But after dinner, I wanted another before bed.

Up and about the day after… life is as beautifully delicious as Mama Juana. (see again the halo)

Namaste. =)

Evernote Camera Roll 20141006 165109

Evernote Camera Roll 20141010 223825

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