Just the Way You Are | Day 2

My schedule is to teach one yoga class every morning during my stay alternating on two resorts – Royalton and Memories Splash. A sunset yoga class as well twice a week. Not bad huh? They said Sunday is my off day. Am I not off from work already??

Hanging out by the pool is very relaxing. I keep passing out on their pool chairs. Two men have professed their love – the pool bartenders. Wilfredo concocted a fruity mixed drink for me that is to die for. And he said it’s tasty because of his undying love for me. Julio made me a special because he said I am very special to his heart, with a bit alcohol since he explained I am after all, in the Dominican.

Frances, fondly called Happy Face, babysat me during my first class. I have lost the concept of time by now and could have gone teaching the whole day. She adores my hair and is extremely happy that my last name is Spanish.

I wonder about how remarkable these people are and how much they show their kindness with the visitors here. No expectations from us, except the fact that they can utterly spill their love. It is the way they are. And all I can do is smile sincerely with their sweetness, high five them, hug them, and genuinely appreciate in return their spirit. They have all been wonderful people who I’m trying to remember the names. They shout Ola, Maia as soon as they see me.


It may be their job to do so… yet just like me… teaching yoga may seem like a job… but is it really?? I’ve never felt it to be ‘work’. Yoga is simply the way I am. Just as the way the Dominicans are loving people. It’s the way we can all benefit from practicing it.

Namaste. =)

Evernote Camera Roll 20141006 165021 Evernote Camera Roll 20141006 165021

4 thoughts on “Just the Way You Are | Day 2

    1. I’m back, sweets. These posts are post-trip lol. Only keyed in the highlights and the writings are formed along the way.

      But thank you! I am thrilled you are feeling it, too. They are such wonderful loving people. =)

      Watch out for tomorrow’s post… something for you there. xo

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