5 Minutes | Day 1

During my trip to Kripalu last July, I lost my baggage but found a sack load of wonderful people who more than compensated for an otherwise annoying ordeal. It never felt I lost my stuff. I, in fact gained more than the varied yoga attire in my luggage.

Arriving in Punta Cana is remarkably opposite of my experience at Kripalu. I didn’t lose my bag, but got myself locked out from my own room. To say that after flying from the North down to the South isn’t tiring enough, realizing that I couldn’t slide the door open from the terrace upon sitting for some minutes, just to gain my balance again after the flight, arriving at the hotel close to midnight… well… imagine my shock. Try as I might to slide that friggin door, not knowing it locks automatically from the inside once you close it. I was fearing bugs would get in… imagine the fear now.

Thankfully, my room is on the first floor. How I would manage when I had been on the 2nd or 3rd floor?? So all I needed was to wear my boots again (yes, boots because it was freezing in Manitoba when I left, with matching wool socks even!), trek through the foliage fronting my terrace (wondering about snakes and other creepy crawling creatures within) and make my way back to the reception desk.

They have no concept of time here. It’s most likely the reason why it is relaxing. They told me 5 minutes to wait for 3 different people. I only got back to my room at 1am. Five minutes is obviously irrelevant.

But the people are super sweet and kind. Ola to everyone each time you meet them. And you engage yourself in fantastic conversations that make the 5 minutes starting at midnight ending at 1am.


It is better to get locked out and be able to say Ola… than staying in and twiddling my thumbs.

It is far better to lose your sense of security, even for the longest 5 minutes ever… than feeling safe where you feel the minutes ticking.

Namaste. =)

IMG_4086-0 IMG_4087 IMG_4088

6 thoughts on “5 Minutes | Day 1

    1. Ola, sweets! =)
      There were epiphanies every friggin day! You know how when moments come and you see beyond the surface?? I had lots of those… traveling alone takes you farther than where your feet are. xo


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