108 Spaces | Continued

These are Rumi’s words I often read and say…

“Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and rightdoing
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

That field – open and vast is the in-between of life’s crunches; simpatia – the mortar between the bricks. I must have used his words a million times and can never get tired of it. I write about it here and there. Simply because I love spaces. I see them every time. And when I don’t, I create them. I own two sets of mala beads because with them I find my spaces become tangible to breathe and simply be – vulnerable and true, raw and untainted. Here is the very spot where deep-rooted emotions are laid bare. No qualms, no worries, no hesitations…  and a dash of levity. Okay, maybe a pouring of levity.

Why the playfulness??
Where else can you feel so light and be crazy?!

108 spaces | continued

As for most people touching each bead in their meditation, I, on the other hand, long for the pause between each bead, that microsecond of a momentary suspension… however small, is enough to ease my heart into a smile.

Strange… yes.

Perhaps the poem below can best explain. When Rumi meets Hemingway. And when they both mean the 108 spaces I can create.

“If there’s empty spaces in your heart,
They will make you think it’s wrong,
Like having empty spaces,
Means you never can be strong,
But I have learnt that all these spaces,
Means there is room enough to grow,
And the people that once filled them,
Were always meant to be let go,
And all these empty spaces,
Create a strange sort of pull,
That attract so many people,
You wouldn’t meet if they were full,
So if you are made of empty spaces,
Don’t ever think it’s wrong,
Because maybe they are just empty,
until the right person comes along.”

~ Ernest Hemingway

Namaste. =)

4 thoughts on “108 Spaces | Continued

  1. I love your attention on spaces. It’s so true that the openings are what attracts and allows newness to flow in.
    Maybe I’m also strange as I enjoy and anticipate the darkness of night. It’s when I can rest. It’s when I can notice the calmness. It’s when I can see glorious stars.


    1. There is comfort in strangeness when it actually works for you. We only see them odd because it isn’t the norm, or not as everyone else perceive them. Does it really matter what others think and say? – a question I ask myself when I walk on eggs.

      Thank you for your words. A clear night sky is truly a comfort. This is your space. =)


    1. Exactly! As much as there is the pause, there is a continuous flowing energy as well in it. Why do we think that when we are amassed and cramped with so many stuff, we have the energy for it?

      Thanks, Rob! I’m glad there are some who get this. =)

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