Law of Attraction | Day 2

law of attraction

The Law of Attraction comes in many forms – people, material stuff, health, dreams… the mere thoughts waving in our minds are enough to trigger such pull. Bring those thoughts to the next level, feeling them, manifesting them… and you have yourself a waterfall of drawn visions. Imagine casting a spell. It is not the mere swish of a magic wand. Even Harry Potter needed that emotion from his heart flow through his veins towards the core of the wand down its tip. Such is the magic of attraction.


I’ve always been a hippie. Therefore, I met these fellow hippies I hang out with after classes, each on their own quest of liberalism from the norms of society – whether a religious belief (the dude on the right, a younger version of Moses) who practices yoga and has a shaman of his own; a choice of appearance (dude on the left has lovely dregs) who does a marvellous job at Kripalu’s front desk… you appreciate their inner spirit and perhaps, sharing a similar quest, the waves of the vast ocean will allow you to meet together.


I love nuts! And behold! So does our little friend who visits us at break times, adoring his smallness with puffing cheeks filled with almonds. Even birds hang out with us, with no sense of fear; but simply a common ground of being in nature and being one with nature.


One girl expressed her desire to reach out to people, young and old alike, offering me her yoga clothes when i lost my luggage… another, on the brink of depression yet found the courage to face it, admit it, and do something about it by being present at Kripalu… a couple who travels all over the world with fascinating stories of people they have encountered, and recharges themselves with yoga and retreats… and a new found buddy, we were dubbed as Thelma and Louise, who found an inner joy teaching yoga, giving up her career as a nurse…

Such brave and authentic people!

And yes, my tray of food still is a tray with lots of food. xp

thelma and louise

Rockin’ Thelma and Louise 😉

All non-judgemental beings with a whackload of support for others.
I bow to the love and light of these fantastic people.
Namaste =)


Note from Vinyasa Yoga with Alignment and Heart Teacher Training Intensive in Kripalu Centre


3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction | Day 2

    1. I am back, even at work lol. And yes, I’m still sky high. It’s infectious though… to be like this… people swarm on you as some kind of nectar from the gods. 😉


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