Right Here, Right Now

[…] You are so much stronger now. You’re a wildflower.
Wildflowers… they grow in the desert – the most horrible place on the planet.
And because they save their strength, and they wait for the rain to come, and they reach for the sun… then they bloom.
And that’s what you’re going to do… you’re going to bloom.

I am headed for an Intensive Vinyasa training at Kripalu with Rolf Gates and Todd Norian. It has been years I have set foot at the airport. Let alone travel by plane. Alone.

There is an immense amount of excitement venturing into a place I have not been. It isn’t only the geographical factor creating the flutterings in my belly. As much as traveling has been a goal for some time now, these waves of sensations channeling throughout my whole body are all centred towards the feeling of making this really happen. It is a place I have set foot before; but it has been a different me, a different wildflower whose only aim then was to see whether the sun shines differently in another part of the world. Only conscious of the need to merely escape in a rush.

This time, as a new formed bud began appearing, with each petal growing, lengthening and opening to the same sun shining everywhere… … This is a place I have been lots of times, yet my eyes see differently. I hear music in my heart and sing out loud sharing the melody I am bubbling within. My petals feel the heat of the same sun – but warmer and delightful… … I often giggle because of it…


I look forward to the shift that will take place. Or the shift already taking place (???) The wind swaying my petals, flowing to where it takes me… where I am at is like driving in a dark highway – I can only see about three to five feet away but I continue driving. It’s not even scary, which is the crazy part. My son will take on the responsibility of house-car-dog sitting. My head tells me I have to feel anxious… then I laugh at how silly it sounds…

How does one put into words that it matters more savouring each step than focusing our energy on where we are headed? So many famous quotes have been shared about such thing… yet we only fully realize its depth and meaning when we actually begin to take those steps… …

I may go on babbling and never fully attain what I want to say. But I feel now, I am exactly here in that place.
And it is friggin beautiful to be in this place of being, right here, right now..




Breathe… Believe… Become.

Namaste. =)


3 thoughts on “Right Here, Right Now

    1. I dunno… It’s been a crazy adventure. Til now, I don’t have my luggage! Talk about keeping the amazing feeling! I like to pull my hair now… haha! 😉


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