When you want something you never had,
Learn to do something you have never done. 

As my son marks a milestone in his young life, I feel a binding feeling with their graduation theme:


For most of his life, I strongly urged him to tether his edge. While he has the sweetest and softest heart a mother can ever want in a child, he has a slower pace than I do to walk the feet by the edge of the cliff. He still thinks my bucket list of doing a bungee jump is insane. But often times, when the timing is right, he gets carried away by his mom’s insanity. This is one of the happy moments we have together. And he feels it, too – that sense of freedom where anything is possible, as long as the heart is in it. Take not the safe path.

We often misconstrue the norms as rules. We live in a society where we are either looked up or looked down. And when neither is your place, you follow the norm. We think that when we follow the flow of society, we are safe. We are accepted. We do what is expected of us. And we dwell in the comfort zone where growth is only applicable to physical descriptions such as height and width. Where is the flow then? Do not be afraid to break the rules.

Rules are made as guidance. And for the most part, they are written for the sole purpose of avoiding chaos, avoiding messes. Why can’t rules be made where the purpose is to spread peace and create harmony beginning from within? How often do we feel constricted and choking with rules? Do you see the difference? The first purpose is stagnant; whereas, the second purpose is freeing and flowing and simply expanding. The second purpose has growth.

And truthfully, messes are beautiful things.

Such as tethering the edge. Doing the unexpected. Breaking the rules.
And even falling and failing.

The only way we reach our dreams is to give ourselves the permission to be limitless to what we can do.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

Remember your place, my son… it’s limitless.

Namaste. =)
All italicized bold words have been quoted during the graduation ceremony. I really have been listening. 😉


5 thoughts on “Limitless

      1. The hilarious side us the difference in raising boys and girls. My son is now almost 26….it was just the two if us. While we discussed an abundance of issues and still do, the conversations with my daughter are like communicating in a different dimension. 😉


        1. The factors being generation and gender create stories within themselves. I remember talking with my dad, and then with my grandpa, and I always need to react differently to each of them.

          Then came my son at Grade 8 who was accused of being rude to the sub teacher, making the whole class laugh, hence, embarrassing the sub. We both got called in the principal’s office. I asked him about it later on and he said – I was talking like I was talking to you!

          I just laughed 😉


          1. That’s funny….my daughter gets the same grief from her mother. “Daddy, I just talk the same way I talk to you and she gets mad at me.” The challenges of splitting time between two households. 😉


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