Listen to the Hippies

A breezy Northwest wind begins the day as I head out for an outdoor yoga event at St. Norbert’s Farmers Market (the first of the countdown for Prairie Love Yoga Festival) . A trusty friend alongside , google map app, venturing alone to a place I do not even know exists. The scenic ride is as luxurious as the big smile forming on my face, singing along the varied tunes blasting from my radio. They are sweet distractions – music, singing, scenery – finding myself jittery driving to either getting there or getting lost.

Of course, I still got lost, turning to where I shouldn’t turn while my google app kept repeating to make a U-turn. She probably wants to scream at me instead of her gentle, almost annoying voice. But I saw the huge white tent, heard the reggae music, crowds of people crossing the street, cars lining up the curbs.

Seeing my mat hooked on my shoulder on a sling, walking out the parking lot, the parking attendant, a jolly old man asks whether I’m going to the yoga event. “I saw other girls with their mats earlier.”
“Yes!”, I exclaimed. “Can you tell me where they are?”
“Follow the music, sweetie… listen to the hippies”, saying so with a genuine smile.

You can only smile back thanking him for his help, a knot untying from within. You see, I recently used this phrase, the title of this post in a comment here.  Aleya wants me to write about it. Who knew it will turn around again right back at me?

PLYF Countdown.1a PYLF Countdown.1b PYLF Countdown.1c

The stage is set up fronting an old shed. Meeting Rachel and Monique is as surreal as it can get. You read about them, you follow their online magazine… then here they are, vigorously shaking their hands. Finding a spot under a tree, laying my mat on grassy patches, endlessly smiling at other yogis and at myself, at the festivity, at the day, at the whole friggin beautiful moment I am at…

The fluidity of our practice is as fluid as the words of instructions gracing from Noah Krol – it is as magically catching as the stud he has on his right ear. Coming into a varied Parsvottanasana, bowing to the earth, I saw a black creature crawling outside my mat, struggling to get through the blades of grass as I struggle with the blades of hamstrings coursing on my legs… “How ya doin down there, Mr. Ant? Do you feel it, too?”
Seeing smiling upside down faces as we got into Downdog, people watching the flow of our practice (or probably our tushes – who friggin cares?!) I am more aware of how I can see them wondering with themselves why they are not with us… perhaps it’s seeing the world upside down…
And Noah included a favourite, Bakasthasana, that he fondly calls the Shaolin pose. I lovingly call it in my class as one of my TaiChi poses. Deepening into ourselves as he invites a bind! I sooo friggin love it!!
Coming into several balancing poses where the sole of one foot sits on a lump of soil and grass. How does one keep balance here?! Yet so is life… not constantly even and laid like a red carpet before you. The humps and lumps are what makes the balancing more meaningful, more worthy – in yoga and in life. I smile as this epiphany hits me, gripping my sparkling toes to my mat.
Reaching our peak poses into Urdhva Dhanurasana – twice!! Have I said I’m in heaven with our practice? Fully opening my heart out to the skies above as my palms and soles firmly hold me ground…
And as we lay in Savasana, hearing baby animals beside us, I open my eyes (I wore my sunglasses all throughout) to the clouds forming sylphs, resting my arms above my head where a sense of peace and beauty simply invaded my heart.  A soft cool breeze passes and the petals from the tree’s flowers where I laid my mat showering me with love and kindness…

PLYF Countdown.1d PLYF Countdown.1e PLYF Countdown.1f

This is one of the bestest days… alone yet loving myself a little bit more, prepping myself with all these different practices I have been going to the past weeks for something bigger, something I am looking forward to close to the end of the month. I find that the more I go around attending different classes, anywhere really, have been entirely soothing, in spite the jitters of coming in a different environment, with unknown people, not certain where exactly to go. It’s the ‘not knowing’ that makes all these eventful and inspiring.

The hippies do not know all. But they are damn good feeling. They care for what they have in front of them, of what is happening right now. They let go of what has happened and offer love to what’s ahead by being in the moment, and doing something about it. Because it carries on… as simply as that. Will you simply sit back and watch the world go by? Or would you rather engage yourself with the world?

To top it off with a cherry, I won their raffle for 5 free classes at Yoga Public. =)

Love, light, and peace!
Namaste =)


6 thoughts on “Listen to the Hippies

  1. Great post….this would have been fun. Even more so, as I am one of the original hippies who migrated out of California 😉

    Nice to see you writing again, Maia….


  2. yay you are back! i cannot believe he said ‘listen to the hippies’! i mean, i do believe it…the universe is playing with us and i love it!

    this is a wonderful post…i could feel the love for your practice <3, the fresh air and music, and connection with all life around and within you. it is inspiring. i'm back practicing kundalini yoga and feeling pretty blissful in appreciation for that too. thank you for the big smile today. xo aleya


      1. My heart felt it skipped a beat when he said it. You mentioned to me you’re doing kundalini. Awesome!

        It is quite extraordinary to simply open yourself to what’s out there. After several practices lately in different places, I realized I have settled in my comfort zone – my local studio. And I couldn’t give more to it when I don’t replenish myself. The change has been overwhelming!

        Sorry the reply took a while… but ya, guess I’m back, so to speak. xo


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