Even For a While

sit still

I look at the stars and wonder
Are you looking up too?

When you are
Does your mind look into mine?
Does your heart whisper into mine?
Does your soul reach out for mine?

When you are
Just stay
And sit with me
Even from afar
Even for a while.



Namaste. =)

6 thoughts on “Even For a While

  1. Hello Maia! This is a beautiful poem.

    Yes I am back and happy to be… Can you answer a question for me though… I have changed my site and am not sure if when I post is shows up in the word-press reader or not… do you know? I just posted 30 min ago about the Boulder Bee Yards. Any information you can give me would be much appreciated. 🙂


    1. I have other friends on different sites other than wordpress. It shows up on the reader, but not right away. Hours hours after. I don’t see yours yet – the Boulder Bee Yards. Even your test blog only showed up in my reader this morning. And I believe you wrote that yesterday.

      Also, the preview on the reader is limited. I can only comment straight to your original post. In wp, the preview posts allow us to comment and like the posts.

      Hope this helps you! Ask anytime, Rae… and you do remember this is my nickname for ya. 😉

      Thank you for liking the poem. Short one, but speaks volumes. xo


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