PratibhA | Haiku

Wide as the blue hues
Play boundlessly with your whims
Then take them to heart.


Put your energies into creativity. Forget about anger as a problem, ignore it. Channelise your energy towards more creativity. Pour yourself into something that you love. Rather than making anger your problem, let creativity be your object of meditation. Shift from anger to creativity and immediately you will see a great change arising in you. And tomorrow the same things will not feel like excuses for being angry because now energy is moving, is channelised, is being sublimated, is enjoying itself, its dance. Who cares about small things? ~ Osho

Namaste. =)

7 thoughts on “PratibhA | Haiku

  1. Great Osho quote. I had an angry dream, it’s in my head, but it isn’t in the world – I woke up thinking I need to focus on the project I’m working on and do good. This was perfect for me today.


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