It’s the common space.
The mortar between the bricks.
The words between the words —
This is…
Maybe you and me.

It is an affective and emotional state where we are inclined to feel a liking, inclined to do something. The same common space triggering a bend towards an aspiration to pursue an action creating this sweet harmonious relationship… even in silence.

This is the closest I can define this feeling. It is a doorway to empathy, where it leads to feeling the common space of shared understanding, rapport, and compassion… even in imagination.

Yet it feels real. Neither a dream or an illusion.

In between the bricks where the mortar is, lays this common space. However small, it remains significant. Why? I am still uncertain. But it holds the spirit (courage) to face difficulties. It bears the intensity (passion) amidst the darkness. And it keeps the truth (principles) remaining strong.

Such a powerful, magical mortar this is!
When you begin to feel it in you, let it flow within. Be in that in between, then see where you are.
It can be frightening – a squeeze, yet the feeling is freeing. It feels expansive.
When you feel grounded and… amazingly comforted and at peace??
Cherish this common space. It is different and unique and rare. And beautiful.
Simpatia IS you and me.

simpatia | yoga_compassion

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.” ~ Elbert Hubbard

Namaste. =)

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