An Ahimsa Conversation


A dialogue within.

Myself:      I know from firsthand experience what it’s like to push too hard after a trauma.

I:               I’m not.

I:               Okay, I am. But what’s wrong with wanting to get back on your feet?

Myself:     It’s not just about your feet. You lost (something/someone). It’s about your heart. I can feel you wanting to get back into the (mat) and make it right, but its not time.

I:              All I’m thinking about is my (balance).

Myself:    (Balance) is good. Breaking (into the studio at wee hours) is not so good.

Myself:     Remember that moment when you’ve gone too far? This is that moment.

Rumi |be ground


4 thoughts on “An Ahimsa Conversation

    1. Talking with myself is something I am very good at – lol! It used to be only one person I often engage to. Perhaps because of either ignorance or naivety, I suppressed the other voices… more importantly, the whispers of the heart.

      Then you begin to learn stillness. This was, and sometimes is, something I am afraid of. But it is only though stillness can we actually hear our hearts.

      Thank you, too for visiting, Terri! Giving you a great big hug!! =)


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