Neshama Sheli

I was 12 years old […] A small bird hit the bedroom window and injured its wing […] He (my father) had falcons for some time, so he knew something about birds. He taught me how to repair the wing and nurse the bird back to health. And I remember asking him everyday, if we can let the bird go. And he said something to me I’ll never forget. He said it will be too cruel to let the bird go too soon, that it would surely die on its own, being weak and unable to fly… and just because I want the bird to be free… doesn’t mean it is ready…

Whatever you have right now, in this very moment, is with you for the very reason you need it for what lays ahead. The rush, the hustle, the surge of thrills sweeping you off your feet… will you be able to land back on your own two feet? Grounded? Balanced?

The falls are necessary to attain their lessons. But don’t hasten going to your dream. Live the days of healing to reach the dream. Each moment of utter discomfort is here to make the very thing that matters stronger… and so worth the wait.

Get pulled, get yanked at times… but plant the seeds of your soles along the journey.

Because when you look back,
what you’ve left behind on your own trail,
as you move forward towards your dream,
is your blossoming garden.

Neshama Sheli.
Where my soul plants the seeds, growing, entwining with yours.

comfort in discomfort

Finding comfort in discomfort.

Namaste. =)

2 thoughts on “Neshama Sheli

  1. patience…patience…patience…i need this reminder every day lol. i plant a lot of seeds and want them to grow, now!! but i think there will always be a dream, something i more i aspire to (in a good way) so might as well get used to the deliciousness of getting there. : ) have a wonderful day! xo aleya


  2. Patience is such a vast concept. Since I was a kid, I’ve only learned one word to it. Waiting.
    I seriously have a heck of a time waiting, being still. Physically, I fidget a lot. For me to meditate, I sooo have to be inside myself. And that was the key – be inside ourselves. Weget caught up with the whir of what’s happening, we lose sight of our centre. We lose our balance.
    I fear this a lot. My balance is not the most “balanced” thing in the world… but I’m feeling… that is part of keeping my balance.
    Miss you… and I love the new avi you have. Sweet. =)


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