I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own…

It happens. More often than not, we fall apart – whether it’s a strained relationship, loss of a loved one, demanding work, frail health or nasty injury… things don’t stay the way they are, the way we are used to. Changes happen as the world revolves. The big question is – are you able to evolve?

Hitting rock bottom is often necessary for evolution to take place. This evolution is your own transformation. It’s tapping into the inner heat within and not withering – allowing it to die. Even a tiny spark can trigger a magical shift. In those darkest moments when all you think you have is gloom and despair and sadness, feel it in your heart that you can ignite that spark. It is always there. When even all else seems broken apart, that flicker is the beauty of where you are.

A flicker is a fragment of that heat, your light. When you are able to go pass the darkness and hold on to this fragment, you will go beyond any darkness engulfing you.

light of fragmentation

Fragmentation has complicated things […] but it’s only in recognizing the beauty in fragmentation… that we can begin to transcend it. ~ Peace, Love & Misunderstanding

In spite of any unfortunate circumstances breaking us into pieces, only your heart keeps you in tact. There is beauty in being broken… there is beauty in falling apart. When you trust your heart enough, beneath the most insane and mad feelings it tells you, where logic seems to fly out of the room, and reason bears no stance to what you truly feel… you discover in your journey… this fragmentation has given you a path to create a new you.

Isn’t that simply one of the most beautiful experience that can happen in your life??

Namaste. =)

6 thoughts on “Fragmentation

    1. There really is no point in rushing, no?
      The rest of the world spins and runs at high speed. This is one of those moments we can take our time until we are ready.

      Thank you!!! =)


    1. Because we learn compassion within ourselves, and then we can spill it over to others… there is a quote similar to what you said, and my memory is failing me at the moment lol

      Thank you for sharing! =)


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