Seva | Haiku

Come back deep inside
The roots of your heart blossoms
Blow them far and wide.

Seva | Radical-Acceptance-Accepting-What-is-Both-in-Yoga-and-Life

Karma yoga, the practice of serving others, isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also a path to self-realization. ~ Alan Reder

The whole week of February 17th to the 23rd, our local studio, Yoga Connections is hosting a free yoga spree of classes – Big Love, Free Yoga! We offer a variety of classes with interesting instructors to guide you in experiencing the beauty of yoga.

Come join us for this whole week! Go to the website, Yoga Connections, and click our big heart on the page. It will guide you through the process of availing the Big Love Pass. Then register for classes of your choice, to as many as you want, come on those dates, share your practice with us, smile, have fun… and we’ll share the magic of our hearts.

To do yoga, is to do good with the community.
Namaste. =)

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